Richard Louv

Louv wrote feature stories for the Reader in the 1970s before becoming a regular writer for the San Diego Union.

Articles by Richard Louv

The Last of the Screamers

Shotgun Tom Kelly, number-one Top-40 DJ, is almost a parody

Disc jockeys don’t walk down hallways the same way television announcers do. TV announcers walk down halls like they’re off to an important meeting, staring at some memo in their hand; coiffured, rosy, manicured statesmen ...

All the Mayor's Men

Pete Wilson's aides - Otto Bos, Bob White, Larry Thomas, and others

"If Jimmy Carter had set out in 1973 not to run for president but to wage a proxy fight for control of the Anaconda Corporation, he'd have had the same people with him. Hamilton Jordan, ...

Timothy Leeeeeary

Interview with the LSD proponent after Leary spent time in San Diego's Metropolitan Correction Center.

"The media loves to set up people as heroes or villains; and sure, if you want to see me as a villain, that's fine with me, but I have no more relationship to acid, in the overall scope of my work, than the bomb has reference to Einstein."

Open the Doors and See All the People

The statue in front of Christ the King Church in Logan Heights is becoming legendary. During the '60s, vandals broke the hands from Jesus's outstretched arms and painted his face black. Then one morning the ...

Gold in Them Hills

The real radicals may well be the land developers, whose tendency is to tear everything down and start all over again.

If you drive south on Highway 5 and take the Pershing Drive off-ramp down to 26th Street, you will wind up on a narrow road through green hills and cool groves of trees, past a ...

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