Richard Louv

Louv wrote feature stories for the Reader in the 1970s before becoming a regular writer for the San Diego Union.

Articles by Richard Louv

Long-time Democrat takes on Pete Wilson

Si Casady Is running for mayor

"One of the secrets of a successful campaign is to know where the hell you’re going,” says the candidate, fumbling with a folded piece of paper on which one of his workers has written cryptic ...

Babbitts flock to San Diego – Norman Vincent Peale, Robert Schuller, Paul Harvey, Dwight Chapin, W. Clement Stone

Yes I can!

Overflowing with ten thousand Red Carpet real estate salesmen and women, Amway home-products distributors, lawyers, scores of would-be millionaires. Arena was a great caldron of brimming with clean-cut, close-shaved positive thinkers. On stage was W. ...

Psychics at the El Cortez – numerologists, clairvoyants, yogis, and Rosicrucians,

Take that pyramid off your head when you're talking to me

People are walking around with little pyramids on their heads. It is disconcerting. Reverend Douglas Sobel leans toward me and tries to figure out what I am thinking. I lean backward and try to keep ...

1977 San Diego guide to health clinics

Beaches, center city, North County, East Co., South Bay

In the early 1970s, a handful of San Diego “free” clinics struggled along on private donations and limited county and city funding. Revenue sharing, introduced by the Nixon Administration, opened up a steady source of ...

Shotgun Tom Kelly –last of the screamers

Personalities like Kelly must keep topping themselves to say one jump ahead of aging America

Disc jockeys don’t walk down hallways the same way television announcers do. TV announcers walk down halls like they’re off to an important meeting, staring at some memo in their hand; coiffured, rosy, manicured statesmen ...

The latest Christian worship fad – in National City

Gimme that drive-in religion

Rev. Paul Veenstra is wrestling with his umbrella. The wind has the umbrella and the umbrella has Veenstra and he is being pulled upward. Rain is whipping around him. He is standing on the back ...

Pete Wilson's aides - Otto Bos, Bob White, Larry Thomas, and others

All the mayor's men

"If Jimmy Carter had set out in 1973 not to run for president but to wage a proxy fight for control of the Anaconda Corporation, he'd have had the same people with him. Hamilton Jordan, ...

Lee Hubbard – free enterprise friend on San Diego's city council

Thorn in the mayor's side

IT IS 7:30 a.m. and you can hear an industrial vacuum cleaner. The office of Deputy Mayor Lee Hubbard is at the end of a long, cavernous hall in the city administration building. This hall ...

Advent, Sony, Muntz change TV for everyone

Attack of the giant screen

Electronic philosopher Marshall McLuhan used to be widely quoted as saying, “Television reintegrates the human senses, thereby making books obsolete.” TV critic Michael J. Arlen had something to say about that: “Oh, boy, some life ...