Patrick Daugherty

Patrick Daugherty was the author of the weekly Sporting Box column since 1995. He died April 20, 2016.

He wrote for the Berkeley Monthly before the Reader. Some of his notable Reader stories include:

Bum, Bummer, Bumming (how people act when you ask for spare change)

Farewell, Nazi Harlot (a cursed second-hand Benz)

“What If We’d Been Named Edward?” (author calls other Patrick Daughertys in the phone book)

Friends Called Him Bill (author’s father)

Work 10 weeks, take 10 months off (love affair with Alaska, pre-pipeline — a 3-part series)

Articles by Patrick Daugherty

Best Reader stories from 2001

9-11 reactions, Casey Gwinn vs. Don Bauder, people of color setting in San Diego, those who married rich, San Diego 100 years ago

How San Diegans reacted to 9-11 “Where were you when the World Trade Center was hit?” “At home.” “And you happened to have the TV on?” “No, my little sister called. She woke me up ...

Best Reader stories from 1994

Santee creation museum, Swami's, flamenco, David Baze, San Diego bridges, hunting as it was, Spanish Village murder, Nixon-Copley, Ramona biography, Baja Chinese, Cambodians

A little bit east of Eden When I was living in Los Angeles years ago, a door-to-door solicitor pitching San Diego vacations and tours showed me a brochure of local attractions. Included on the list ...

Jacumba – the far edge of San Diego

Across border in Jacume, De Anza nudists, In-Ko-Pah, Border Angels, hippie fest, flying saucers

A quiet street and an old hotel Jacumba is a kind of living ghost town out in southeast San Diego County, on the Mexican border, in what’s called, the Mountain Empire district. It has come ...

Patrick Daugherty and the Reader

Homeless poser, Mercedes Benz owner, the other Patrick Daughertys of San Diego, at work on Alaska Pipeline

Patrick Daugherty was the author of the weekly Sporting Box column since 1995. He died April 20, 2016. He wrote for the Berkeley Monthly before the Reader. Editor's picks of Daugherty's Reader stories: The low-budget ...

Hopping the last train for parts unknown

Hobos use the internet to get train schedules, use Google Earth to find the best catch-out spots.

"Ran into Tin Cup at the Four Mile. He rode in on the Union Pacific a couple days ago.” I laugh, “He’s still train-hopping? The man is a champion.” I have an old Nevada friend ...

A house in Torrey Pines State Reserve

Third on a list of Del Mar’s priciest offerings

Beds: 5 Baths: 9 Current Owner: David Batchelder Asking Price: $29,000,000 The bluff-top estate at 100 Stratford Court in Del Mar offers prospective buyers nearly 6000 square feet of living area in a just-completed “coastal ...

Best of Sporting Box, 2005

12-day TV college and pro bowl jag, grunion, Tour de France, wheelchair sports, sportsman of the year - Barry Bonds

Fresh Start I've stepped out of the darkened cave — or, more precisely, have exited the animal den known in another life as my living room, to stroll in fresh air and reconnect my chakra ...

How to pick the NCAA winner

No need to study boring stats

The Box solves NCAA tournament’s bracketology.

Epic chokes from the history of modern sports

As in the NFL, as in San Diego Chargers, as in Philip Rivers

Now we come to Preventing Motor Skill Failure Through Hemisphere-Specific Priming: Cases From Choking Under Pressure. Authored by those impetuous funsters at Faculty of Sport Science, Technische Universität München, located in München, state of Bavaria, ...

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