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A big and daunting proposition

To prove yourself at a new job

Your résumé got you an interview, and you answered the questions in your job well enough to get hired. What’s next? Next is the most important step in your new job. Nothing in the past ...

The pregnant worker dilemma

Workplace discrimination comes in many forms, from the subtlest type of excluding some affected employees in work discussions to blatant racism and ageism. It’s nothing new and broad efforts over several decades at the state ...

Go find some paperclips

You and your employer value your skills differenty

One of my first tasks in my first job was to scrounge paper clips from throughout my newspaper plant so my paper clip-dependent department would have enough for the entire week. Paper clips were essential, ...

Socially engaged, socially adept

Young workers value employers’ online reputations

Whoever said recession is the mother of invention was right. Or, they would have been, had anyone ever said that. That’s because the latest recession to hit the economy of the United States has left ...

People love people

Survey shows how much workers value co-workers

What do you love most about your work? That’s a simple question, but you might be surprised that far-and-away the thing people love most about their work is the people they work with. They still ...

Minimum wage is becoming a local matter

It’s difficult to find anyone who really is happy with a minimum wage. The workers who receive it think it should be higher; the employers who pay it are aggravated by it; and, the legislators ...

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow

The importance of retirement planning

When workers worry about today, they often forget about tomorrow. That’s what appears to be happening today as workers in a revived economy are still reluctant to set aside more money for retirement. In a ...

Diversity dilemma

Inclusion is often discussed, rarely achieved

Everyone knows that good intentions only go so far, and not very far at that. So it doesn’t sound surprising to learn that executives think having a diverse workforce that is inclusive of people from ...

It’s risky to stifle risk

Fear of blame stifles creativity

Years ago, I worked at a company that didn’t have the most progressive management. In fact, it often seemed to be backward to me. I soon noticed that no one really felt good about working ...

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