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Best Reader stories from 1974

Monument Road, Phil Gross, Colleen O'Connor, YMCA, county jail, dredging at Mission Beach, the Body Shop, Dr. Bronner

Monument Road The peaceful atmosphere along Monument Road is astonishing. Only 15 or 20 minutes from downtown, a ride along southernmost San Diego's Monument Road is like flipping through a book of Dorothea Lange photographs. ...

Katherine Tingley’s utopian vision in Pt. Loma

The little world that almost was

Six young women, taking advantage of Katherine Tingley’s absence, staged a small revolt and left en masse. The rebellion was a response to the lifestyle, which many students – especially those in their late teens – thought was anachronistic.

Come Back Miss Muffet Spiders Aren't All That Bad

Though not a picky creature, the tarantula likes to eat crickets, especially Jerusalem crickets. Once it has captured its dinner, it will take a long time to feed. “What they do is excrete a digestive enzyme….”

That part of San Diego that rests its bleary head at Horton Plaza

A lullaby of Broadway

A commotion at the entrance of the Can-Can Club. Heads turn as the vibrations spread. Two men are ejected from said topless go-go bar. One of them is on crutches, his right leg in a full-length cast.

What to expect inside San Diego jail

New fish in the tank

The County Jail facility squats like a sad green hulk between “C" and "B" streets in San Diego. It is surrounded by the offices of the San Diego County Sheriffs Department: a parking lot full ...