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Kelco – San Diego's seaweed farmers

And producers of Keltose, Kelvis, Keltex, Kelgin F. Kelco-Gel LV, Kelzan, Kelcoloid Do, Margel, and Keltrol F.

“Kelp is a very limited resource. A farmer can go purchase and plow up another forty acres. We can maybe increase a forty-acre kelp bed to forty-two, but there are simply only certain places it can grow.”

They prepare for the bar exam with mordant humor

Jerry Brown passed on his fourth try

The mood is generally optimistic, but there are also some pessimists who are already saying, “See you at the bar review course,” “I didn’t want to be a lawyer anyway,” and “Now I know how Jerry Brown felt.”

Hitching to OB by CB

Just passin' through, good buddy

“What did you say about a front door?” Once again, in a thick, southern Tennessee drawl, the middle-aged, balding salesman in coat and tie repeated, “He’s got ’er front door. Ya dunno CB talk?”