Kevin Six

Articles by Kevin Six

Doggy Doo On a Village Woods Balcony

Well, the kooky neighbors are at it again at Village Woods. The upstairs neighbor finally rented her apartment to, wait for it, a weirdo. But before I go on and on about the new weirdo ...

Other People’s Children

Author: Kevin Six Neighborhood: Kearny Mesa/Mission Valley Age: 46 Occupation: Actor/playwright Okay, people, say what you want about other people’s children. Sometimes they’re noisy, often they’re misbehaved, and sometimes it’s even the parent’s fault. But ...

I Live in Linda Vista

When I went into the Reader's website to blog about my neighborhood, I was marketed ingeniously by the computer. Once I typed in my neighborhood, Linda Vista, the Reader showed me an ad that asked ...

Let’s Be Friends

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