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Craftsman Richard Latrobe-Bateman rants at Mesa College

Re furniture: "True modernism has no style."

"I can't just talk about my subject," began Richard Latrobe-Bateman. "I must talk about my view of the world is that I think we're actually doomed." This got the attention of the audience. A man ...

1979: San Diego's year in review

Rape of the Earth Medal of Dishonor The year's most infamous award goes to the voters of San Diego, a majority of whom agreed to exchange 39 acres of prime canyonland in Balboa Park for ...

Go solves the problem of most board games by handicapping the weak player

San Diego club meets at 6th and Ivy

In most board games the weaker player is at a disadvantage. The weaker he is, the more frustrating and the more boring is the game. Go overcomes those problems by a system of handicapping.

Developers want to bulldoze the Mexicans out of central Escondido

Ernie Hahn plans retail center to revitalize area

They’ve got the only house in Escondido with both a gas stove and a wood stove. Grandma Cruz said the gas stove is fine. But if you’re going to cook enchiladas, you need a wood stove.

1977 San Diego guide to miniature golf

La Mesa, Kearny Mesa, Escondido, Del Mar, Pacific Beach, College area

The miniature golf courses in the greater San Diego area range from large and well-groomed facilities which look like Disneyland South to abandoned, weed-choked courses that should be the object of a bulldozer’s wrath. The ...

Now legal, the action is at St. Columba's and St. Catherine Laboure

Bingo: It won't get you to heaven, but it sure pays the rent

My hands are a little clammy, and there is a marked beat at the temples. It is the last game of the night—a Blackout special—and on three of my four boards I have only three ...

Introduction to Bach

Bach's music is stuffiness epitomized, or so the standard line goes. It is simplistic, redundant, and lacks percussionistic fire. But it is also exquisitely lovely. for its much maligned simplicity. when contrapuntally redoubled. is transformed ...

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