Jeb Haught

Jeb Haught is a freelance writer who has written for various websites, magazines, and newspapers (including the SDUT) over the last twelve years. He leads a healthy lifestyle and is a self-proclaimed foodie. His hobbies include collecting and customizing cruiser bicycles and taking long bike rides along the coast. In addition, Jeb enjoys participating in the steampunk scene, which has steered him towards many DIY projects such as leather-working and lapidary work as well as hand-crafting various gadgets and accessories.

Articles by Jeb Haught

Reputed meth addicts wreak havoc in Ocean Beach

"They won't leave me the hell alone," says resident

On the morning of October 31, an Ocean Beach resident (“Don”) awoke to find that the front of his house had been vandalized with spray paint. While the drawings weren't offensive, they are an eyesore ...

Young driver loses control in Morena district

Hit the gas instead of the brake

A young driver had an unexpected scare on Sunday, October 27, when her car went over a small embankment and nearly crashed into an apartment building near the corner of Colusa and Mildred streets in ...

Car crashes onto beach at Sunset Cliffs

50-foot fall, but driver walks away

Early in the morning on July 29, a driver crashed his car through a gate near Osprey Street and flew off of Sunset Cliffs into the sand below. The car flipped in mid-air as it ...

Steampunks swoon at Gaslight Gathering in Mission Valley

An interview with Lithobius Quick

Over 1000 people of all ages donned Victorian fashion mixed with sci-fi gadgetry and converged at the Town & Country hotel during the May 3–5 third-annual Gaslight Gathering steampunk convention. Attendees were welcome to participate ...

U.S. Bank robbed in Ocean Beach

Thief walks past Girl Scouts

The U.S. Bank located on Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach was robbed at around 3:45 p.m. on Friday, February 8. According to witnesses, a white man in his 40s with a medium build and goatee, ...

Costumed attendees share audience with San Diego Symphony

Steampunk warms to high society

San Diego started 2013 in style and grace with a fantastic "Salute to Vienna" concert at Copley Symphony Hall. The Strauss Symphony of America performed elegant pieces that included waltzes, polkas, and Die Fladermaus while ...

Windy times at Big Bay Balloon Parade

Woody Woodpecker kisses pavement

Despite Wednesday's rain, the streets of downtown dried up in time for the Big Bay Balloon Parade on Thursday, December 27, but high winds made it hard to control some of the giant balloons. Moderate ...

Tweed Ride includes penny farthings, costumes, and grand piano

Jolly good time, indeed

San Diego took a step back in time on Sunday, December 9, as over 125 people of all ages donned vintage clothing and rode old-school bikes in the fourth annual San Diego Tweed Ride. It ...