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On the morning of October 31, an Ocean Beach resident (“Don”) awoke to find that the front of his house had been vandalized with spray paint. While the drawings weren't offensive, they are an eyesore and can be seen from the street.

Upon closer inspection of his property, Don found in his mailbox a picture that showed someone he knew holding a gun with the words “you die” written on the side.

Don said he called the police, and several officers showed up to gather information. Don said the police said the picture is considered a felony threat. Don also discovered that his neighbor's truck and two other houses had similar spray-paint damage.

According to Don, this was the latest chapter in an ongoing saga of crazy behavior by two alleged meth addicts, X and his girlfriend Y.

Reader: How do you know these two people abuse meth?

D: I've seen them do it. They live in a known tweaker house down the street.

R: How did you meet them?

D: I was walking down Ebers Street around a year ago and Y came out and started talking to me. Both X and Y are into New Age stuff, which interested me. I felt sorry for them so I helped them with some legal stuff.

R: When did things start going wrong?

D: I used to go to their house and watch movies, and one night their roommate told me that X stole an expensive parrot from a pet store in Kearny Mesa and bit its head off in a satanic ritual. I know that X has stolen stuff from my house, and he's broken in three times to sleep on my couch. X told me that he spent six years in jail. They support themselves by shoplifting, and they're banned from…local businesses for being caught. I've been trying to distance myself from them, but they won't leave me the hell alone.

R: Go on…

D: I'm an executor for someone who has slight mental problems (we'll call him “Billy”) that lives in a local house. I found out that Billy had been going down to X's house for dinner, and they were treating him really well while also saying that I was stealing his money and abusing him, which isn't true. I told Billy that they were trying to steal his house [by signing it over to them], and he went and told X and Y. Well, that really pissed X off, so he vandalized my place and left the picture in my mailbox. You can't get much stupider than that! The police went to his house three times but didn't find him.

R: Have you had contact with X recently?

D: Just this past Monday [November 4] he called me up and said, “Don, what's going on down there? I'm up in L.A. and I've heard some things.” I said, “X, you know what's going on.” And he said, “No, no, I've been in L.A. for a week...” Just then, a jet flies over Ocean Beach and I heard it overhead and also in the phone. I said, “That jet just flew overhead and I heard it in the phone, so I know you're not in L.A., you're in O.B.”

He tried to deny it and said he was near LAX, but another jet flew overhead and the same thing happened. It was pretty funny. I caught him in five or six more lies and I eventually hung up.

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FatCatSegat Nov. 9, 2013 @ 7:55 a.m.

First of all, they'll lie and stick to their story no matter what. They're a deluded bunch that thinks they're smarter than anyone. Then they will steal, and steal, and steal and when you confront them they will passionately sometimes with tears in their deceptive little eyes, vehemently deny any such thing while the object they stole is sticking out their back pocket. The sad part is that while they are responsible for putting that poison in them, once that drug takes hold all bets are off and they are off to the races. The nicest and most considerate and loyal friend will turn into a monster. They'll want to stop but they can't. Jail, Hospitals, or an air tight casket. Thats where they're headed unless they stop. This drug is killing america from Rhode Island to Hawaii where they call it Ice because its ten times more powerful than what the Hells Angels were making in the '80s. Yes, TWEEKERS SUCK!


Justin Powell Nov. 9, 2013 @ 10:44 a.m.

Just another reason to be careful whom you associate with, Tweakers are the worst of the worst. I am sorry to hear of all the trouble that poor guy has had.


Visduh Nov. 11, 2013 @ 5:42 p.m.

"While the drawings weren't offensive, they are an eyesore and can be seen from the street." Hey world, if anyone spray paints ANYTHING on my house, car, truck, or anything else I own, I'M OFFENDED. And I assume that anyone who does that is intending to offend me. It works. So, the conclusion that I have to reach is that the threshold for crap in OB is extraordinarily high, and that many of its residents are accustomed to being used as doormats for the low-lifes who hang out there, live there, and provide the local color there.


jnojr Nov. 11, 2013 @ 6:16 p.m.

Nothing good can come from associating with drug addicts.


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