Jane Weisman

Jane (nee Weisman) Applegate wrote stories for the Reader fresh out of San Diego State's journalism department. She is married to former Reader writer, Joe Applegate.

Articles by Jane Weisman

Best Reader stories from 1973

Witches, SEALS, commune, Japanese in San Diego, built on the Tijuana dump, Pump House Gang, Tom Shaw, encounter groups

Serious witches in San Diego Force claimed he had played a role, witch-wise, in the indictment of San Diego's former Mayor Curran and his staff, in the Yellow Cab Scandal. “A friend of mine, Jodi ...

What was thought hot 45 years ago

Reader guide to San Diego 1973

1973 San Diego guide to San Diego guidebooks What Neil Morgan never told you. 1973 San Diego guide to the San Diego Reader Who are these people? 1973 San Diego guide to cheesecake Supermarket, specialty ...

San Diego via Gray line, de Touring, Cush, California Student, Carey Limo, or San Diego Transit

What to do with your visiting mother-in-law

If your sister, brother, aunt, uncle or favorite mother-in-law is coming to San Diego, and you don’t have the time or patience to show them around, for $5 to $10 per person local tour services ...

1973 San Diego guide to bookstores

Browsing, specialty seeker, student, suburbanite

San Diego Bookstores, like food stores, range from supermart to gourmet shop. This somewhat subjective guide to a dozen or so notable San Diego book stores is compiled with hopes to satisfy every book-buyer’s taste, ...

1973 San Diego guide to cheap eats

How to eat on a dollar a day

With food prices rising, the problem of creating good, economical meals at home seems to grow beyond the normal tattered pocketbook. Now, some possible solutions to this problem might include free-loading meals from wealthy friends ...

San Diego big names face inflation grimly

Pete Wilson, Maureen O'Connor, Craig Noel, Gloria Self, Harold Greene, Lou Conde, Peter Bavasi, Harold Keen, Lee Taylor, Floyd Morrow

While the average San Diegan does without his new car or his new stereo, or cuts his entertainment budget down to buying popcorn for television movies, it may be comforting to know that inflation is ...

San Diego City Council moves to ban billboards

Foster and Kleiser, and Pacific Outdoor Advertising lawyers file injunction

Whatever happened to San Diego's ordinance banning billboards? Has it faded into a dim memory since the City Council adopted the measure in February of 1972 that was to banish billboards from the city limits ...

Tom Wolfe wrote too much about WindanSea surfers

Too Outrageous for La Jolla

“Tom Wolfe really was a jerk when he was with us, and when the story came out, we knew he was a jerk. After it came out, someone wrote ‘Tom Wolfe is a dork’ on the Pump House.”

Card players have an excellent inter-city grapevine in San Diego

You can spot a Fourth Avenue player right away, and I hate 'em.

"Card room are given a black eye by the public and they shouldn't be!" The woman's police-issued identifcation badge, complete with a photograph, says her name is Helen. Helen has been a "housewoman" in card ...