Jane Weisman

Jane (nee Weisman) Applegate wrote stories for the Reader fresh out of San Diego State's journalism department. She is married to former Reader writer, Joe Applegate.

Articles by Jane Weisman

What did you do in the war on inflation Daddy?

While the average San Diegan does without his new car or his new stereo, or cuts his entertainment budget down to buying popcorn for television movies, it may be comforting to know that inflation is ...

Too Bored or Not to Board

Whatever happened to San Diego's ordinance banning billboards? Has it faded into a dim memory since the City Council adopted the measure in February of 1972 that was to banish billboards from the city limits ...

Too Outrageous for La Jolla

Tom Wolfe wrote too much about WindanSea surfers

“Tom Wolfe really was a jerk when he was with us, and when the story came out, we knew he was a jerk. After it came out, someone wrote ‘Tom Wolfe is a dork’ on the Pump House.”

Card Room Boom

You can spot a Fourth Avenue player right away, and I hate 'em.

"Card room are given a black eye by the public and they shouldn't be!" The woman's police-issued identifcation badge, complete with a photograph, says her name is Helen. Helen has been a "housewoman" in card ...

Cheap Eats: San Diego on $5 a week

With food prices rising, the problem of creating good, economical meals at home seems to grow beyond the normal tattered pocketbook. Now, some possible solutions to this problem might include free-loading meals from wealthy friends ...

Promo Man

A huge metal jug filled with ripple Pagan Pink wine, was providee by RCA to loosen the lips and pens of the press corps.

When the public rejects a frustrated singer, comedian or disc jockey, he can either flee from the cold-hearted cynics, or try to edge his way in the back door of the sacred entertainment industry. If ...

Proposition 20: Who Really Won?

Fifty years ago, San Diego was a small town with miles of pearly white beaches, and vast tracts of fine pastureland. The brae citizens who lived in this isolated town traveled to Los Angeles by ...

Pet Cemetery

A twisting Jane ends at the bottom of the hill, and nearly an acre of the hill, and nearly an acre of dormant brown grass stretches to the water's edge. Ducks create trails in the ...

Blood, Sweat, and Blisters

"Marathons are really democratic. They run ya against King Kongs, studs, all kinds of people."

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