Joe Applegate

Applegate wrote feature stories for the Reader from 1976 through 1990. He is married to another former Reader writer, Jane Weisman Applegate.

Stories of note:

Dec. 2, 1976: Hillcrest (writing contest winner — Applegate's first story in the Reader)

May, 1978 Did Somebody Call a Cab?

July 13, 1978 Locked Up and Let Loose (TJ vs. San Diego jails)

Aug. 3, 1978 A Bump on the Head Could Kill Chris O'Rourke

May 24, 1979 Travels with My Father (author goes to Baja)

March 12, 1981 A Young Man A Troubled Life (a visit to the reformatory)

Aug. 6, 1981 Fire in the Valley (arson and a boy named Angel)

Dec. 10, 1981 Postcards from Western Civilization (tests of friendship)

March 4, 1982 Nobody Disturbs My Peace (on patrol with Sergeant Anderson)

June 3, 1982 Two by Two (author's wife gives birth to twins)

Dec. 2, 1982 What on Earth Am I Settling For? (reflections on domestic life)

April 14, 1983 Requiem for a Rebel (death on Encinitas train tracks)

Sept. 15, 1983 The Growl of Bulldozers Is the Sound of Money (boom in University City)

Sept. 29, 1983 They Oughta Be in Pictures (kids talent agency)

March 15, 1990 Everybody on Stage for the Forgiveness and Reconciliation Number (the story of Lamb's Players)

April 6, 1990 Plays in Words (interview with Neil Simon)

Articles by Joe Applegate

As We Round Point Loma

When Richard Henry Dana returned to Point Loma

On the 22nd of August, 1859, the little steamer Senator called at San Diego with passengers from Los Angeles. It rounded the point under the lighthouse and entered the harbor’s narrow channel at about 8:00 ...

Flaps Down to Fallbrook

The small airports of North County

Harry Aberle died in the Pitts Special. He crashed after takeoff while Yvonne watched from in front of the hangar. "The only other witness said he was doing an aerobatic maneuver, but I know he wasn't.”

Plays In Words

The suspense is gone the second time, but there’s twice as much pleasure.

Plays are short enough to allow for re-reading. The suspense is gone the second time, but there’s twice as much pleasure in interpretation once you know where the characters are going.

Everybody Onstage for the Forgiveness and Reconciliation Number

Lamb's Players Theatre - like a commune but...

One thing Robert Smyth likes about his used Merkur is that it's a turbocharged car with no sign on it saying "turbocharged." Power without show: that's Smyth (he pronounces it "Smith"). At 40, he is ...

Camp Barrett parolees comb Mt. Palomar for hunter

The unlikely rescue

For an hour and a half, 80-year-old Tony Carrasco had been waiting for a deer to pass within range of his old bolt-action Remington, but now he was getting bored. It was a splendid morning ...

The Ropers: Prepping for Brawley cattle call

You don't have long to get it done right

If he wanted to get ahead in rodeo he'd have to make the commitment to travel. He'd been told as much m a roping class he'd taken in Brawley "Get out of the valley,” said Taylor, summarizing the instruction.

The story I wanted to write... but didn't

Sandy and a girlfriend had gone into a liquor store, robbed the clerk, They locked the clerk in a walk-in cooler. Sandy started feeling bad about the guy. She went back and let him out.

Road Man: Down the Lane with Jacob Dekema

The man they named the 805 after gives a San Diego freeway tour.

He takes it for granted that suburbs are great. “We built these freeways, and they’re not generating less trips, they’re generating more. More freedom. People want to live out away from the city and drive in to work.

They oughta be in pictures

Maybe this would start the kids on a glamorous, lucrative career in modeling.

Since I'm the cook of the house, if the phone should ring around dinner time my wife Jane answers it — unless there's a Padres game on TV and we've broken for a commercial message. ...

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