Joe Applegate

Applegate wrote feature stories for the Reader from 1976 through 1990. He is married to another former Reader writer, Jane Weisman Applegate.

Stories of note:

Dec. 2, 1976: Hillcrest (writing contest winner — Applegate's first story in the Reader)

May, 1978 Did Somebody Call a Cab?

July 13, 1978 Locked Up and Let Loose (TJ vs. San Diego jails)

Aug. 3, 1978 A Bump on the Head Could Kill Chris O'Rourke

May 24, 1979 Travels with My Father (author goes to Baja)

March 12, 1981 A Young Man A Troubled Life (a visit to the reformatory)

Aug. 6, 1981 Fire in the Valley (arson and a boy named Angel)

Dec. 10, 1981 Postcards from Western Civilization (tests of friendship)

March 4, 1982 Nobody Disturbs My Peace (on patrol with Sergeant Anderson)

June 3, 1982 Two by Two (author's wife gives birth to twins)

Dec. 2, 1982 What on Earth Am I Settling For? (reflections on domestic life)

April 14, 1983 Requiem for a Rebel (death on Encinitas train tracks)

Sept. 15, 1983 The Growl of Bulldozers Is the Sound of Money (boom in University City)

Sept. 29, 1983 They Oughta Be in Pictures (kids talent agency)

March 15, 1990 Everybody on Stage for the Forgiveness and Reconciliation Number (the story of Lamb's Players)

April 6, 1990 Plays in Words (interview with Neil Simon)

Articles by Joe Applegate

Best Reader stories from 1983

San Diego in WWII, bodysurfers, Skip Frye, deep look at San Diego Zoo, Zane Parzen

From San Diego's 41st Street, Japan was a more odious enemy than Germany I may be the youngest San Diegan to remember the Second World War, especially the time immediately following the attack on Pearl ...

Best Reader stories from 1982

Unwanted pregnancy, bad accident in Baja, alcohol and Indians, Sol Price, Fred Schnaubelt, Florence Chadwick, San Diego's version of Tarahumara runner

What on earth am I settling for “Goddamnit,” said Jane one evening about six months ago when I answered the door of our apartment in Golden Hill and found her on the stoop, Jeanne sliding ...

Best Reader stories from 1981

A San Diego bookie, Jacquelyn Littlefield, Fidel's and Prophet restaurants, Jerry Herrera, cystic fibrosis, Gustavo Romero, San Diego's biggest cattleman

Postcards From Western Civilization Some years ago at Christmastime, when I was a teller at a bank downtown, I came to know Wayne Boyer, who was then an apprentice bum. I met him in the ...

Best Reader stories from 1980

Del Mar Man, Guadalupe Island, Pacific Southwest Airlines, Harry Partch

On the path of the old ones It’s now ten years, almost to the day, since an amateur archaeologist discovered what seemed to be extraordinarily old stone tools in a canyon above Mission Valley, and ...

Best Reader stories from 1979

Ace Parking , San Diego Zoo, OMBAC, Burlingame, Carl Rogers, Hare Krishnas, Colorado River at Easter, local pelicans and DDT, Salton Sea, Maureen O'Connor, gringos who play for TJ's Potros

Park there, pay here On the afternoon of the All-Star baseball game in July, Evan Jones was standing on top of one of those pedestrian towers that corkscrew up the side of San Diego Stadium. ...

Best Reader stories from 1978

Camp Pendleton, kelp, Mike Stamm, Morey boogie boards, Michael Copley, Chris O'Rourke, bottom scratchers, Jacumba

From Spanish rancho to hard-core Marines In 1942, the Ninth Marine Division marched in and took over what had been the Santa Margarita y Las Flores Ranch. The Second World War had begun and the ...

University City – UCSD's bedrooms

Trolley, Regents Road Bridge, San Clemente Canyon, Miramar jets, traffic

No trolley in my backyard A group of neighborhood conservationists in University City are hoping to put the brakes on a plan to extend trolley service from downtown San Diego's Santa Fe Depot to a ...

Stories hidden inside the San Diego Reader, part 2

San Diego's explosives man, Baja tragedy, rock art southwest of Jacumba, Chinese in San Diego

Editor: The following feature stories appeared in the interior pages of the Reader in the 1970s and 1980s and have just been converted to digital form. My Triumph, my defeat Five years later I still ...

Stories hidden inside the San Diego Reader

Ventura Place, rock art, Brenda Starr, Vietnamese poets

Editor: The following feature stories appeared in the interior pages of the Reader in the 1970s and 1980s and have just been converted to digital form. Meditations while riding San Diego Transit “Yes, these people ...

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