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Stone Temple lead singer Scott Weiland attacks fan, faces suit

Depressed skull fracture

Stone Temple Pilots, the San Diego-hatched band that became the darling of MTV and a mainstay on the Billboard record charts, lias gotten into big trouble. On May 6, a district court in Boston heard ...

Cleveland National Forest Is now nation's top reefer hotspot

Pot growers chased from Northern Calif.

“Each marijuana plant produces about a pound of pot, and according to LaNier, a pound of top-grade marijuana now costs between $3000 and $6000. “That’s why they don’t like people showing up at their gardens.”

Moby Grape's Bob Mosley homeless in San Diego

Living under bridges in Rose Canyon area

James Robert Mosley was a founding member, vocalist, bass guitarist, and songwriter with Moby Grape, the legendary San Francisco band whose 1967 debut album was filled with the bluesy idealism of that so-called Summer of ...

Jerry Brown and Susan Golding and Dick Silberman

A couple of lucky candidates confront an unlucky jailbird

Democrat Jerry Brown, candidate for president of the United States, and Republican Susan Golding, candidate for mayor of San Diego, have at least two things in common. Both are faring exceptionally well in their current ...

McMullen mansion in Coronado faces wrecking ball

Coronado Historical Association vs. realtor Mike Napolitano

One of Coronado’s architectural landmarks, the MacMullen House, has for years steadily deteriorated before the eyes of every motorist entering or exiting the island via the Coronado toll bridge. Tagged by history buffs as the ...