Frank Chin

Author, playwright, and musician, Chin is considered a pioneer in Asian-American theater.

Articles by Frank Chin

Best Reader stories from 1995

Prince of Peace Abbey, Perry Mason, Crawdaddy's daddy, Pat Welsh, Asian gangs, Eckankar, SEALS spy for Koch, Kate Sessions, Carlsbad flower fields

I've got Perry Mason on board! In early 1960, the man who created Perry Mason was introduced to an Imperial Beach resident named Francisco Muñoz. Erle Stanley Gardner had many friends, and he particularly liked ...

Best Reader stories from 1994

Santee creation museum, Swami's, flamenco, David Baze, San Diego bridges, hunting as it was, Spanish Village murder, Nixon-Copley, Ramona biography, Baja Chinese, Cambodians

A little bit east of Eden When I was living in Los Angeles years ago, a door-to-door solicitor pitching San Diego vacations and tours showed me a brochure of local attractions. Included on the list ...

Frank Chin and the Reader

Baja's Chinese, San Diego flamenco, I am the anti-Amy Tan, Cambodian and Laotian gangs

Author, playwright, and musician, Chin is considered a pioneer in Asian-American theater. Excerpts of stories Chin wrote for the Reader: Chinese hiding under a rock in Baja “When we get to Calexico, we’re hooking up ...

Cambodians, Lao, Viet gangs terrorize Crawford, Horace Mann, Gompers, Lincoln, Kearny High School, Linda Vista

Bulletproof Buddhists

“They like to carry the 9mm handgun,” Officer Roy moody says. He's talking about Lao and Cambodian gang kids. “And, of course, they do like the semi automatic rifles like AK-47s, even though we haven't ...

Frank Chin does the California coast and takes on Asian icons

Do not sell your children to monsters

I don’t expect to be ambushed by the fans of Maxine Hong Kingston, David Henry Hwang, and Amy Tan in Portland. They show up to vent their moral outrage and save my soul.

San Diego's hot-blooded flamenco subculture

White boys & gypsy souls

I saw nothing unusual about a Chinaman kid dabbling in flamenco guitar. I liked it. Then Jackson Burgess, a writer from the South, sat down next to me as I practiced one afternoon. Teacher to ...

Chinese hiding under a rock in Baja

An ugly toad's promise

I’m one of the Chinese Americans who cringe at the word “Chinaman” and understand spoken Chinese but can’t and won’t speak it and hear Chinamen telling everyone what kind of stupid American-born fool I am.