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San Diego County's fanatic pigeon lovers

Marathoners of the sky

“How long have you been racing pigeons?” I asked Gene Hamilton. “Eighty years.” “That’s quite a while.” “Actually, it’s 80+ now. I’m 91.” “What got you started?” "Pigeons underneath a barn in Portland, Oregon. We ...

San Diego lawyers tell why marriages break up.

What’s love got to do with it?

Romance often leads to marriage, and marriage often leads to divorce. The latter is not only emotionally painful but legally complicated, which is why most people hire lawyers to help them. The following conversations are ...

Elisabeth Sifton, The Serenity Prayer

A daughter's view of Reinhold Niebuhr

“He was a driven workaholic and stressed himself too much in ways that affected his judgment. His closest colleagues, who were his friends at Union, would say, ‘Reinhold, slow down. Cool off. Back off.’”

Famous San Diego siblings – Copleys, O'Connors, Roths, Blues, Inzunzas

All in the family

David and Michael Copley were both adopted by the late Jim Copley, owner of Copley Press and publisher of the San Diego Union and Evening Tribune. You probably know of David, now president of Copley ...

San Diegans Abducted by Extraterrestrial Aliens

There are people in our community who have been abducted by extraterrestrial aliens. This is what they report, and when you meet them you see no reason to doubt their veracity. You wouldn’t hesitate to ...

John Brizzolara's new novel Thunder Moon

An interview one Smirnoff bottle away from Skid Row

“I had the idea of an average San Diego guy, with a baseball cap, you know, and flannel shirt and Levi’s and burritos. He watches the Padres, and he’s a bouncer at a topless bar.” ...

Over 1400 teachers received pink slips in San Diego schools

Then they got re-hired, but that's not the point

They’re young, most of them, and love teaching. They’re also hurt, many of them, and mad. They are the hundreds of teachers in San Diego County who have been laid off. This spring over 1400 ...

San Diego's orchid addicts

Savage beauty

“I can tell you up front, it’s not an addiction. Everybody says it’s an addiction, and I don’t believe that at all. It’s a sickness. Seriously.” Gary Pierwola is speaking. A retired National City cop, ...

We Used to Arrest Such Nice People

Eighty thousand cars a day pass through the immigration checkpoint at the south end of Temecula. And that means about 80,000 times a day a question gets asked: Why is this here, 70 miles north ...