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There are people in our community who have been abducted by extraterrestrial aliens.

This is what they report, and when you meet them you see no reason to doubt their veracity. You wouldn’t hesitate to ask them to watch your kids while you run to the store; you wouldn’t think twice about joining them for a cup of coffee; you wouldn’t see any evidence that they are a few flowers short of a full bouquet.San Diegans abducted by extraterrestrial aliens

Rose Gilbert lives in Lakeside, in a home filled with the grandmotherly comfort of overstuffed chairs and family pictures on the walls. The largest picture is of her two adult daughters. Her husband has been dead about 12 years. She likes to garden and read. “I read only good stuff,” she told me. “Facts. I don’t read fiction at all because it’s a waste of time.”

She seemed eager to get to the facts. “I was taking care of the ladies when it happened.” She had turned her home into a board-and-care residence for six elderly women. “I also had a live-in boyfriend for, like, four years. He was here at the time too. It was May 1, 1985.”

What happened? “Well, the one thing I remember was being dumped in bed or falling in bed. Anyway, I landed very heavily. And I was exhausted beyond all — I’ve never been that exhausted in my life.” This was at night? “At night, yeah, and I turned to look at the clock, a digital clock, and it said 3:10, and I said, ‘Oh well, I’ll figure this out in the morning,’ and I just went directly to sleep. The next morning I was up — I got up early because I had to take care of the ladies and fix breakfast and all, so I got up at 7:00 and I flew out of bed. I mean, when I woke up it was like the top of my head was wide open and everything was clear. I knew everything that was happening around the house, what they were doing.”

You felt good? “Yeah, and I felt like I knew everything. Everything was so clear. I knew what they were doing up there, how they were waiting for me. I just homed in on all kinds of stuff. Then I poked John and I said, ‘Boy, something really strange happened last night. I don’t know what it is, but something really strange.’ He drug himself up to go to work, and as I was getting up to go I saw my pillow at the foot of the bed, and in front of the armoire was a little brown bear, and we never had children here the night before or any time prior.” You had never seen it before? “Never. And I picked it up, and I don’t know, it was like an energy from it or something, and I threw it to John, and he didn’t want it either. He threw it back and we played hot potato with the dumb bear. And I said, ‘Well, I gotta go fix breakfast, and I’ll just give this bear to Helen Leonard.’ She was one of the ladies I had at the time. So I went up and I went directly to Helen Leonard’s room, which was at the end of the hallway, and I gave her the bear, and she looked at it and frowned at me. I mean, she actually gave me a dirty look. And I said, ‘Oh well, she takes anything, she’ll take the bear.’ So I left it with her and I started breakfast. I was making bacon and eggs, and you know, bacon is noisy.

“And in the living room, Helen Johnson said, ‘Rose, something really weird happened last night.’ I said, ‘What? I can’t hear you.’ So I shut it off, and I went in the living room and said, ‘Start over again.’ I was ready to hear, knew something had happened.

“She says, ‘Well, I was coming down the hall last night to have a cup of coffee’ — which she did, like, three or four times a night — ‘and I saw this pink glow through the patio door, and I went and stood by the door, but I really didn’t see anything, except a rose glow, a rose glow in the sky.’ So she watched that for a while. I asked her how long, and she said, ‘I don’t know, maybe about three minutes, and then I went and had my coffee.’ So that was what she had to tell me.

“Then I get back to frying my bacon, and I heard a heavy-duty thunk on the wall — bang! — and I went and looked and there’s the brown bear. Helen Leonard had taken the bear and thrown it into the opposite wall.” This was a stuffed toy? “Yeah, like a little stuffed bear about that big [she held her hands about eight inches apart]. And she hit the wall with it. And I said, ‘I guess she doesn’t want the bear.’

“So anyway, I thought, ‘Boy, this is getting stranger and stranger.’ So I take that stupid bear and I brought it downstairs and I put it in a manila envelope and I left it there.

“And John headed to work. He didn’t know nothing, of course. He said, ‘I didn’t hear nothing, I didn’t see nothing.’ Well, I don’t know either, because I had no idea what might have happened at that point. The rest of the day was really strange. I did everything I usually did. I went in the garden and tried to work, and all of a sudden, finding myself standing there, just standing there, wondering what had happened! For two weeks it was like that. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I didn’t know what it was. I kept bugging John; I told my kids.”

Years before, Rose had studied with two hypnotists named Bill and Carol. She had taken classes from them, and she had learned that things “can be brought up.” So she sought them out, hoping they could help her. “Well, I’m going crazy here. This is driving me nuts. So I went to Carol and told her, ‘I don’t know what happened, but I need to know.’ So she hypnotized me. She taped it. Two tapes. She always kept one for herself and gave me one. When I got all done I said, ‘Are you sure that I was hypnotized?’ I mean, the things that came out were so far out, I was not sure it was reality. She says, ‘Oh yeah, I could tell by your breathing.’ She knew. So I have the tape. I could either give it to you or tell you the story.”

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