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Best Reader stories from 1996

San Diego mafia, Fotomat, Afghans, freeway driving, Korean War, Black's Beach, dolphins kill tuna fishing, Olaf Wieghorst, pigeon racing, diary of orange grove

Mafia in San Diego before World War II (first in series of six stories) “The raids, all made with search warrants, started soon after noon and were not completed until early evening. All of the ...

How San Diego Symphony musicians and their spouses scrape by


At this moment, with my title written and nothing else, the former San Diego Symphony is preparing to announce the end of its silence. A month after disclosing a final plan to bankruptcy court, the ...

Fiction writer Cris Mazza suffers death of a shelti

Run Tara run

When I was a freshman in college, our family pet, a Shetland sheepdog named Shep, was killed by a car as he roamed the neighborhood in search of a bitch in season. A student in ...

Canine talent agency uses Morley Field – at its peril

Dog treated in hyperbaric chambers

His name is "Scat." Sounds like the name for an annoying cat, but Scat is a dual champion Shetland sheepdog. Not only was he deemed worthy of the title as a representation of his breed, ...

How we lived off the land – in La Costa, Vista, Dairy Mart Rd., and Spring Valley

Homeland: when San Diego was young and raw

What might’ve seemed like an indigent family scavenging — a family going on weekend outings to gather abandoned or discarded, still living, freshly killed, or already dead food from the countryside — was actually just a way of life.