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Chula is mostly okay

South Bay loyalists hesitant to cut name

In the spring of 2017, as word spread of a marketing campaign to promote good feelings about the city of Chula Vista — and amid a bid to persuade Amazon to bring a second headquarters ...

Probe clears Cano on building without permits

Investigator: outcome may have been different if Cano cooperated

National City council member Jerry Cano has been cleared of wrongdoing by an outside investigator who looked into whether he used his political clout to escape scrutiny and five years' worth of fines as he ...

El Cajon shrink gives up practice

Misconduct charges

On May 15, El Cajon psychiatrist Leon Fajerman surrendered his license to practice medicine in California. A month earlier, on April 11, the state medical board had accused him of sexual misconduct with seven patients ...

National City council member subject of probe

How come Cano paid zero in fines for a dozen violations?

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday (April 18), National City council member Jerry Cano became the subject of an investigation into whether he violated state law by using his official position to influence a government decision ...

Just another night in Gaslamp

The St. Patrick's Day after-effect

Last Thursday (3/22/18), a few days after St. Patrick's Day, a worker at a cigar bar on Fifth Avenue confirmed a report that an incoherent reveler had wobbled in waving an open bottle of champagne. ...

Imperial Beach closings sink beach attendance

Stress on those Pier South tax payments

Imperial Beach by the numbers: Beach closings 2016: 30 Beach closings 2017: 70 Beach attendance 2016: 3.1 million Beach attendance 2017: 2.3 million The number of beach closings in Imperial Beach more than doubled in ...

Wrecked it Ralph Inzunza

Ex-councilman's novel on prison life can't be called a success

Former city councilman Ralph Inzunza's debut novel, The Camp, a semi-autobiographical account of his 21-month stretch in a federal prison camp for his efforts as a city councilor to change the law so patrons could ...

Hard-caught MTS bus out of East Village

New schedule implemented January 28th catches riders unaware

A host of new changes took effect on the bus lines of the Metropolitan Transit System on January 28th. Several routes were eliminated, with MTS noting in a monthly bulletin that you could still get ...

Reefer mathematics in San Ysidro

Recreational users’ 15% excise tax impacts medicinal users

Marco hovered in front of the display cases at a San Ysidro dispensary on January 24th waiting for those in line ahead of him to make their selections. He said he'd had a doctor's recommendation ...

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