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Elvis Presley and James Brown roll into San Diego

Ants In My Pants and Blue Suede Shoes

1. Within one rainless week, nostalgia shimmered twice in the San Diego spotlight. Two aging stars spread their sparkling rays to delight their people. The King of Rock and Roll. The Godfather of Soul, Elvis ...

Pacific Beach political porn

Fine Arts Theater defies the Mt. Soledad cross

Sometimes, not always, one expects a pretty lush experience at the porno flicks. In Los Angeles, for example. people are lining up around the block to see Deep Throat, one of the top 2S grossers ...

A Space Oddity: David Bowie in L.A.

"I laid David Bowie! I really did!" The titillated young woman descended a flat-lit escalator at concert's end. Her red and blue streaked hair swirled as she slashed the air with her green ostrich feather. ...

Mom and Pop’s Soul Food Square, Fifth and Market

Honkies in hoakydom

Outside of Mr. A’s it’s the best, most exciting meal my girlfriend and I've had in a long time. And Mr. A’s cost us over $30. Mom’s and Pop’s cost $2.80.

Let’s Be Friends

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