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Prog-rockers relive heydays at Humphreys

If the line to the men's room was any indicator, there were a lot of old guys at Humphreys reliving their prog-rock heydays. And that goes as well for the old guys onstage, a 60 ...

Frisbee Studliness

College-educated Goaltimate players are serious

Conner added nuances in preparation for an imagined television audience. After each game, a one-minute break was established. Teams were allotted three time-outs of two minutes each. A one-and-a-half-hour time cap was placed on each match.

San Marcos Hides the Ugly Truth

Newbies, NIMBYs, and Scarecrow Boy call home where cattle stink

San Marcos isn’t sure what its fate will be. Retired dairy land, bedroom community, college town, a place to raise a family, all these possibilities tend to war with each other.

Pizza Man's Atrocity Hunt

A local novel heads for the big time

John Abatecola, owner of Pizza Bella in Old Town, is proud of his pizza and quick to tell you about the time he won a three-way bake-off on a morning TV show for the "best ...

In the Land of Shared Guilt

Brutal eucalyptus and ridiculous palms.

Walter Anderson, Jr., who runs the landmark Anderson Nursery on Pacific Coast Highway, said he remembers a photograph in the San Diego Union, circa 1970, of Teresa standing on Harbor Drive between a bulldozer and a palm.

How did your blood get inside the victim's body?

DNA: San Diego's tiniest snitch

“People don’t realize that when they’re hitting somebody, blood transfers onto whatever they’re using — not the first time, but by the time you come back like this” — he mimes a baseball bat coming down on a skull.

The unnatural ecology of a freeway

Scavengers find their niches on I-15

Where onramp and asphalt, Passing lane and hawk, Converge in quick collusion Against those who race and never walk. Southern California has it all. We’ve pot ground that shakes, hillsides that burn, a dazzling assortment ...

Let’s Be Friends

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