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Alastair Bland contributes to the Reader's City Lights column.

Articles by Alastair Bland

Rancho Bernardo – in the thick of North County suburbia

Neighborhood turn-around, olive tree fruit fly, drought, Presbyterians sued, Tony Pepperoni

A Feeling of Hope in Rancho Bernardo How do I even begin to tell you about the incredible turnaround my neighborhood has taken? I will start here. Hi, my name is Mychal McMahon. I am ...

Hot Guacamole: Avocado Theft in North County

Almost as surely as avocados grow, thieves steal them and turn the fruit into quick and untraceable cash. Over the past decade, San Diego County law enforcement agencies have stepped up patrols, pursuits, and prosecution ...

Fewer whales in San Ignacio and Scammon lagoons

Short-term weather changes or long-term climate patterns?

For 15 years, Kenny Manzoni of Adventure Rib Rides has been motoring paying customers out of San Diego to watch whales and other marine mammals. He recalls the late 1990s, when he sometimes saw in ...

Great White sharks tagged on Guadalupe Island

Is this science, or is this a TV show?

In late 2007, when local shark researcher Michael Domeier teamed up with a television crew and National Geographic to tag great white sharks off Guadalupe Island, Patric Douglas took an interest. Douglas runs a cage-diving ...

Beer makers want Bernardo Winery's yeasty vats

The growth of sour beers

At Bernardo Winery, 50 large redwood vats have resided in the warehouse for more than a century. Until the 1960s they were used as fermenters, but today winemaker Ross Rizzo keeps the vats as decor ...

Citrus greening bug appears in Tijuana and at Sweetwater Reservoir

"We really have no choice now"

Should it appear in California, there might be no stopping it: citrus greening, or huanglongbing. The fearsome citrus-killing bacterium, first seen in China in the early 1900s, has spread steadily across the continents. It recently ...

Baja bluefin business produces 10 percent of the world’s bluefin tuna

For each pound of bluefin tuna, roughly 25 pounds of wild sardines consumed

For the sushi-savoring diner who bites into a raw slice of bluefin tuna belly meat, the world may seem perfect for a moment, and at Zenbu Sushi Bar and Restaurant in La Jolla, patrons reverently ...

By 2010 Marine Life Protection Act will close 20 percent of coast to fishing

Will allow big sheephead and lobster to thrive

Tim Green, captain of the 80-foot sportfishing vessel Premiere, has been motoring paying customers from San Diego Bay to the Point Loma kelp beds for over 20 years. His anglers catch calico bass, halibut, white ...

Why they're stumping San Diego's avocado trees

The guacamole crisis

Throughout last winter and spring, one could put one’s ear to the wind almost anywhere in North County and hear the buzz of chainsaws as avocado farmers cut down their trees. While this tropical fruit ...

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