Adam Parfrey

Parfrey Wrote the HELL.A. column and occasional feature stories in the 1990s for the Reader.

Articles by Adam Parfrey

God, Christ, Satan, or Con?

San Diegans Worship a Miracle Man

It is like baking a cake. I stir, I knead, I pound, I twist, I bake you. I drawn you in tears I scorch you in sobs. I make you a sweet and crisp, an ...

A Revolution of Small Guns

On this chill evening, a mere fortnight before a Trilateralist named Clinton got the nod, American-built cars of substantial steel pull up in front of Lakeside’s Harvest Christian Fellowship. The bumper stickers say it all: ...

Woman Carries Elvis Presley's Test Tube Tot

“God Made Me Do It,” She Says SPANISH EYES by Debra Wimer (From the Ginger Aldett Fan Club Newsletter; abridged by Adam Parfrey) The first thing I remember is crying over how tragically short Elvis ...

Elvis appears in North County driveway

Esondido's Debra Wimer carries the torch

G is for generous always giving of herself. I is for ideal, she’s more perfect than anyone else. N is for newcomer, but a STAR she will be. G is for generous, her generous way ...

Citizen Keane: The Saucer Eye Orphans Have Lost Their Father

The big-eyed kids suffer a painful paternity suit

Keane kids were the true pop art, much more a mass phenomenon than Warhol’s Brillo boxes or Lichtenstein’s exploded comics.

San Diego, My Lovely

On the noir side of town

Stretching east of 30th Street, the Mid-City mesa has for decades been a Gasoline Alley wasteland of car washes, card parlors, dinky pink bungalows: low-rent neighborhoods whose obscurity is secured by distance from freeway off-ramps.

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