Fred Williams Jan. 23, 2013 @ 8:43 p.m.

People need to get over breasts...we all have them, you know.

No kid is ever going to be traumatized because they see a breast. Can anyone cite even one case...any case...any time...ever? No?

The tired excuse that children would be offended is just that - and excuse...the only people mentioned in this article who claim to be offended by breasts are other women who aren't actually offended, but simply offensive.

If you don't want to see breasts, then don't look at them, whether they're on the beach, on the television, or being used for their most obvious function.

If you think breast feeding is somehow sexually suggestive, look into getting treatment...you're seriously sick.

The notion that children could somehow be damaged or traumatized by seeing a woman breast feeding is ridiculous..."I was damaged for life because my mother put her nipple into my mouth when I was just a baby. I'm a victim of abuse!"

Let's all ignore bitter shriveled biddies with nothing better to do than complain because a mother is doing what a mother should do. The kids don't care one bit. To force a woman and her baby into the bathroom to feed is what's really offensive.


Fred Williams Jan. 23, 2013 @ 8:46 p.m.

Pidge...what woman isn't "discreet" in her nursing? Have you ever seen a case where a mother is "indiscreet"?

Neither has anyone else...

And so what if it were the case that someone could see? Who is damaged? Who is offended? Who is bothered? If you don't like to see breasts used for their most obvious and natural function, then you certainly have other mental health issues as well...


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