eastlaker Sept. 11, 2012 @ 10:43 a.m.

Another name that hasn't been mentioned recently is Dianne Russo. She is also a "contract player" these days, and may, for all we know, have been part of the discussion behind closed doors.

As she has been the CFO and is now acting in that position, as well has having been named assistant-something-or-other, she is Brand's right-hand person.

She is the one who really knows and understands, if anyone does, what is going on with the Mello-Roos funds, other bond funds, what is going on with bond underwriting (is the board trying to pull a Poway and give us billions to pay back for the next 50 years in exchange for the iPads and charter schools we have now?).

Will we ever get answers to all these questions? Why is the public here in Sweetwater always treated with such great contempt by the majority board and Brand. Are we somehow less than human? Did we somehow resign from the human race because we moved to the South Bay?

Are there any legal authorities with the gumption to actually take this situation in hand and help dig us out of this mess, created by egocentric yet idiotic individuals who have long forgotten they are supposed to be here to help our children gain useful educations?

Are we stuck in a limbo because the local Republican Party has a stranglehold on what can and cannot be done here in San Diego? I certainly hope not. I voted Republican for years, but when I see what that group seems to be doing here in the South Bay, I am filled with disappointment and dismay.

Will someone in authority please wake up and get Brand and crew to understand that their way of doing business is not welcome and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.


anniej Sept. 11, 2012 @ 9:40 a.m.

ms. quinones is so dysfunctional and was so overwhelmed with the large crowd that she actually FORGOT THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.

all of the factions are coming together and standing united - the community has delivered a no confidence vote, the Bond Oversight Committee has delivered a no confidence letter and clearly the employees representatives are more than unhappy.

Jaime Mercado, past board member, attended and spoke - he offered to do the job for free for one year. will the board take him up on that offer, doubt it. after all he is a person who could unify all factions. he did (when he was a board member) what Bertha Lopez is now doing - kept the students as a number one priority as well as answered calls from the public.

Mr. Canaris was there, another high respected community member. His words were an obvious attempt to get the board to listen to reason. When these two guys attend a board meeting to recommend change well folks i take it not as a 411 but a 911 - yes my fellow neighbors we have a crisis on our hands.

will the board listen to reason? do the board members know what is going on? so many questions and when it comes to them no answers. as one of the east side parents commented last night - "what are john, jim and arlie thinking? i have watched their body language thru this entire meeting and it is as if they are saying "do you really think we care what you think"". well folks they had better. i would think that three years of this would have brought them to their senses, but at this point who knows what direction they will go.

one of the parents spoke of receiving a response back from cartmill to an issue she is having with bus transportation. she stated that on the bottom of the letter was an advertisement for cartmill's company. she noted she had sent an email to several people and had been admonished by the schools principal for it not being appropriate. she asked why is it ok for you to promote your personal business and yet it is not 'appropriate' for me to advise parents of the issues.

and then of course there was an incident with john mccann, isn't there always. when one of the speakers questioned why mccann's wife would be telling people that her husband was not in favor of brand staying, yet he was acting as if he totally supported brand. he wanted to know which one was lying, well mccann asked quinones to have the gentleman removed, then all hell broke loose. fortunately they realized the public was not having any of that and the security guard was advised to allow him to stay. REALLY? when is mccann going to learn, he is a political official - as such the public is able to question his behavior. now all we have to do is wonder whether he will file another TRO that will cost all of us taxpayers another $6,000 plus. john mccann, is simply not cut out for political office - he is far too unstable, and very, very, very thin skinned.


angrybirds Sept. 11, 2012 @ 9:37 a.m.

I came to this meeting wanting to see what this hoopla is about in this district and wow did I get an eye and earful. One speaker was almost thrown out because a board member had a hissy fit when his wife's name was mentioned, well sir tell your wife to stop expressing opinions in public and she wouldn't get you into this mess.

The president is an absolute idiot who was just waiting for the two minutes that people were given to hit the gavel and go onto the next speaker she wasn't even paying attention,

The way the board was sitting it looked like little Ms. Lopez was on a deserted island or way far out in left field by herself.

This school board needs to listen a bit and stop thinking about the allegiances to people who don't support students this Brand sounds like bad news and completely ego oriented!


mngcornaglia Sept. 11, 2012 @ 9:35 a.m.

How could anyone feel confident sending their children to a school in this district...


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