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San Diego Film Critics live to die hard another day

Mid-meeting robbery occurs in Mission Valley Mall food court

I kinda’ like it when my colleagues at the San Diego Film Critics Society holler at me. It’s when they ...

Visduh Feb. 19, 2013 @ 4:07 p.m.

This is very strange, because it is the public sector that provides the bulk of personnel to the active reserves. (Private industry is a different story, and not generally a favorable one.) Usually reservists can get all the time off they need to fulfill their obligations with no questions asked, and many governmental agencies will actually pay the reservist while off the job. That means, of course, the reservist is getting paid twice when that is done.

Years ago, many public safety people were in the reserves and national guard. For a long time, they were exempted from call-up if the unit were activated because of their critical occupations. That practice seemed to have been eliminated or sharply reduced in 1991/2 when the Desert Storm call-ups were used to augment the forces sent to the Gulf. Just a very unexpected claim, and one can only wonder if there is much more to this story. I'd bet there is.


Declining to take public questions, tax-backed tourism board votes to sue Filner

Four of nine marketing district board members skip controversial vote to sue San Diego mayor over disputed two-percent hotel levy

After an unexpectedly long meeting behind closed doors early this afternoon, five of the nine members of the San Diego ...

nostalgic Feb. 25, 2013 @ 7:17 a.m.

A reminder that the City LOST the lawsuit regarding the Golden Hill Assessment District, and lost at Appeal Court. The voting mechanisms for these districts are astounding to anyone who took Civics classes. The weighted vote means that it wouldn't have mattered how the other potential 1,000 voters voted. The existing vote would have prevailed. You don't have to be an American Citizen, and you don't have to live in San Diego to vote. A Corporation can vote. What we think of as a "vote" and how an assessment district works - two different things entirely.


HonestGovernment Feb. 27, 2013 @ 5:04 p.m.

"Nearly 50 percent, or $1,221,334 is set aside for salaries, taxes, and benefits for ConVis employees"

The FY2010 ConVis nonprofit IRS filing shows the top five employees were paid $1,140,047. That included the total compensation of $435,121 to Joe Terzi, ConVis President/CEO. He's probably making more now. No wonder he showed up at the council meeting to demand that Filner release the TMD surcharges collected, because most of it goes to his nonprofit.

All of the money being passed from one nonprofit to another! My head spins. The three main nonprofits that are involved in marketing tourism while fighting the living wage:

San Diego Tourism Marketing District (SDTMD): The newest nonprofit, formed in 2007/8 for 5 years. Renewed in 2012 for 40 years, to force hundreds of hotels/room rentals throughout San Diego to charge their customers a surcharge. All surcharges are turned over to the city's Economic Development Department, which then issues the money directly to the SDTMD's account (minus a $305,000 cut for the Economic Development Department). SDTMD currently pays an executive director, Lorin Stewart, ~$160K. Gives most of the surcharge to another nonprofit, San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau,

San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau ("ConVis," = San Diego Tourism Authority): A nonprofit formed to market the convention center (the convention center operates as yet another nonprofit, the San Diego Convention Center Corporation). ConVis has always collected about $1.4 million/year indues from hospitality industry members, and now is granted most of the surcharge by the TMD nonprofit. Before the TMD surcharge started rolling its way, ConVis still had plenty of millions for marketing. In 2004, President/CEO Reint Reinders earned $312,000/year. In 2010, President/CEO Joe Terzi earned $435,121.

San Diego Convention Center Corporation (SDCCC): The nonprofit set up to market and operate the Convention Center. Operates on about $30-40 million in convention-related revenue; includes about $3,400,000 from City for operations. In 2008, President/CEO Carol Wallace earned $334,208, out of a total $1,315,768 paid to seven employees.


Visduh March 11, 2013 @ 7:56 a.m.

This doesn't appear to provide the grounds the city will pursue in its motion for a new trial. A loser in court needs something more than merely not liking the outcome of a trial to ask for a new one. Considering how costly city negligence has become in recent years, there's plenty of reason to think that this is just another one of many costly "accidents" that the city has had to pay for. Personally, since I don't know the people involved or the location of the tree fall, I don't claim to know whether this is fair or not. But getting a new trial will require that the city attorney have some demonstrable reason to claim the trial was fatally flawed. Good luck with that, Jan!


oldcitizen April 15, 2013 @ 8:42 a.m.

Perhaps the citizen that first noticed the errors in the PBID assessment roll should be given a "whistle blower" bonus. If a citizen had not noticed the errors in the PBID assessment roll, thousands of San Diego residents would still be getting incorrect assessments and a lawsuit never would have been filed. It is unfortunate that the agency paid for over site of the current 10 year PBID contract didn't notice any errors. I guess they didn't believe that looking at the assessment roll was part of their job.


HonestGovernment April 15, 2013 @ 9:05 a.m.

I'm confident that the city didn't file a suit against SCI exclusively, or even mainly, because of the PBID errors. The suit against SCI was filed only after the city's loss in appellate court, re Golden Hill Neighborhood Assoc v. City, in which SCI was also involved. That court ruling against the city wasn't based on the errors in the assessment roll, which was part of the case, but about the entire process being illegal, rendering the inflated assessments moot.

As for the assessment roll errors: what SCI used was what they got from the city, and the rolls, filled with errors, were approved by the staff inside the Economic Development Dept and by the City Council. The errors were quite favorable to inflating the amounts that could be assessed, which was fine with the city, done on purpose.

SCI was complicit and facilitating, but the fraud and errors were designed by the city.


Landmark Theatres Marketing Coordinator makes some noise By day, Branden Parrish is the regional Marketing Coordinator for Landmark Theatres, a man responsible for brewing some of ...

Let the Wright one in

Anders Wright moves to U-T, Glenn Heath assumes position with "City Beat" Congratulations go out to my friends and colleagues, Glenn Heath and Anders, right? Both will soon be covering the ...

Jane Belanger June 8, 2013 @ 10:52 a.m.

The Arrogant Bastards = best name for a sports team ever. EVER.


laplayaheritage June 12, 2013 @ 4:53 p.m.

For the Sunroad issue, Council President Todd Gloria with City Attorney staff put the easement issue up for a City Council vote, without going through the City's DSD and Planning Departments first as required by the City Charter and Municipal Code. This upsurping of Mayoral power by the City Council and City Attorney makes their deal with Sunroad illegal.

Using the Veto Power was a way for the Mayor to bring the exact Sunroad easement issue back to the City Council for a legally binding vote, after review and approval by various City Departments. The City Council then overrode the Mayoral veto and all process and legal issued were finalized.

The City Attorney and Sherman insinuated that the reason for the original Mayoral Veto was the developer Sunroad. When the real reason was not Sunroad or the easement, but stopping the shady behavior before a procedural precedent was set.


HonestGovernment June 14, 2013 @ 3:52 p.m.

Silly Friday stuff: The invitation (request for a donation, really) gives precise turn-by-turn directions to Carl's house,... the assumption being that any fan of Carl's can't really find their way with only an address?

Anyway, I was struck by "turn left on Moon Song, turn left on Bear Dance." Moon Song is a tune from 1932, sung by Kate Smith. Would Big Kate show up at Carl's? Wiki says she was a "staunch conservative Republican who opposed labor unions, affirmative action, abortion, homosexuality, LGBT and women's rights, left-wing policies, and indecency." Whoa. Maybe not.

So, no turning left on Moon Song for Kate, but then there's Bear Dance. Webster's says it's about "totemic worship."

I don't know.

Would love to see who's going to be there. I was invited. (I can't get him to take me off his contact list, even though I continually reply insultingly.) It's free. Donations are only "suggested":

Serve as a "Co-Host" with a Contribution of $500. Suggested Contribution for Attendees is $100, although any contribution is greatly appreciated. Contributions to Carl DeMaio for Congress 2014 are not tax deductible for tax purposes. Individuals may contribute up to a maximum $5,200 to the campaign, and a couple may contribute up to $10,400-$2,600 per individual toward the 2014 primary and general elections. Corporate contributions and contributions by foreign nationals are Emphasisprohibited.



SurfPuppy619 June 24, 2013 @ 4:27 p.m.

5.Additional sanctions should be imposed for Goldsmith's toupee.

OK, I just peed myself this one was so funny !!!!!


SurfPuppy619 June 25, 2013 @ 3:44 p.m.

Tosdal exited the court room shortly after. "I've never heard that before, that a court can prohibit an argument of first amendment rights" == Judge Shore has now become the lead prosecutor, b/c he KNEW this case would not result in a conviction if ALL the facts were open to the jury-so he gamed and rigged the trial.


DavidnPB June 25, 2013 @ 3:52 p.m.

50 people in the Courtroom tomorrow with chalk in their hands ?

Or some great Parents with their KIDS , chalk in hand, for a Civics lesson in the meaning of the First Amendment ? Because kids cannot have the required predicate Malice.....


DavidnPB June 25, 2013 @ 10:30 p.m.

A friend sent shots from today, where someone has written, in chalk, anti-suicide positive notes on the Cabrillo Bridge.

Hope Goldsmith can access security CCTV and catch the bastard. Jail time is called for !

But nothing will be done. No call to Goldsmith from the security goon at the B of A......

Another illustration that it is not the conduct that precipitates this persecution, but the Content.

The defense lawyer should Remove the case to Federal Court, and ask for a TRO on Constitutional grounds.


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