joepublic July 24, 2012 @ 2:02 p.m.

Superintendent Fragale is at least making a sincere effort to solve Calexico Unified's problems by calling for the forensic audit. In the Sweetwater district, many have called for a forensic audit as well, but interim superintendent Brand and his board majority have consistently ignored public opinion. It will be very interesting to watch what unfolds in Calexico as they take this giant step forward. Hopefully the DA is paying attention.


anniej July 24, 2012 @ 2:39 p.m.

me thinks me sees certain similarities between calexico and sweetwater based on last nights board meeting at the sweetwater district office.

forensic audit - hmmmm, the community and ms. lopez have been asking for a forensic audit for over a year, even before the erick hall audit.

scarity of minutes you say - well we have a very important meeting minutes that seems to have disappeared. it is the meeting in which questions were raised over the company that was picked, chosen, manipulated, skewed, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT. that issue too was raised last night at the board meeting.

ms lopez eluded to some information she has received and had confirmed which allegedly proves the district is borrowing state matching funds. hmmmm, isn't that against the law? - oh but that is right this is sweetwater and they seem to have their own code of law.

what sweetwater needs is a forensic audit of the ENTIRE BOOKKEEPING SYSTEM OF SWEETWATER - to include prop o and the everyday business.

but brand promises great things with the new ipads, and according to mccann all of this technology is going to set us apart - the only problem is this - the majority of our students are now without bus transportation to even get to school. back in april when the west side folks showed up and spoke up they were basically ignored. a letter was suppose to go out - however for some strange reasons all of those thousands of pieces of mail seem to have also disappeared (like the prop bb minutes) as the parents never received notification until they went in to pay for the passes. now last night the east side folks showed up - let me tell you it was not a pretty picture, now these folks know how to get a message across. they were torked off when the got there, then there were told that public communication would be last on the agenda, then they were told that they only five of them could speak, then they were told they had only two minutes - well lets just say that drove them over the edge - THEY ALL SIGNED THE RECALL PAPERS against john mccann, jim caratmill and arlie ricasa right there. as one speaker noted it was going to take his child 1hr and 1/2 to get to school and the childs school began at 7:00 am. other speakers told of their working schedules. did it phase the board, well lopez AS ALWAYS was understanding, quinones made it a point to set the record straight she had voted against the issue (all of a sudden since is running she is on the side of the students, and parents - PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

last but not least there is the charter school K-2, DAY CARE AND IPAD INCLUDED (yes folks you read that right) - while i applaud charter schools do i really want my tax dollars being spent on a charter school when 150+ teachers are loosing their jobs? when students are having to walk tremendous amounts of distances?


desertwaverat July 24, 2012 @ 3:52 p.m.

The current school board in Calexico heavily relies on an attorney (Calderon) who does not provide timely bills to the board/public for review. Billing is often months behind. It seems like the board is setting themselves up for more "questionable" actions, as did previous boards.

When will the school board begin to perform its fiduciary responsibility rather than looking for scapegoats and outside consultants?


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