rehftmann Oct. 19, 2013 @ 10:14 a.m.

IANAL, just an art professor, but there may be an explicit contract in degree and certificate programs. The "awards" program and the Course Outlines (i-capped because it's seriously an official thing) and even individual syllabi for specific classes offered under a Course Outline are legal documents, according to any liability-averse administrator (redundant?). There should be some formal arrangement for an accredited institution that is bailing on an award program, regardless if it is bankruptcy or higher profits (which are the same and neatly combined, apparently, in Alliant/Chancellor deal). There is no way out of a student loan. The boys from Jersey look like pre-K teachers next to the government, because G-Men don't need no baseball bats, they'll just attach your savings and pay, as you agreed to in taking the loan. You can't borrow and bail like the owners of the school, since student loans are not discharged in bankruptcy. Where, oh where, is the Gloria Allred for the student body? They are getting F'd.