Visduh Oct. 29, 2013 @ 8:58 a.m.

This whole situation creates a host of questions. That he graduated from Cal Baptist some years after his period of attendance there would be no big deal. That is not unusual, nor is it a disgrace. It could happen when a junior college course transfer or two were overlooked by the registrar, and had to be re-documented. Or a grade of "incomplete" needed to be cleared by the instructor by writing and submitting a term paper, or some such minor matter. But the redacting of what was really happening makes it obvious that something embarrassing is in the record, and that's the real news.

In a larger sense, I'd wonder who put him on to the idea that he could teach at UCSD with nothing more than a bachelors degree. Oh, I know that universities will occasionally bring some uniquely qualified people in to teach classes, but those instances are few and usually involve some very special experts in their field. Fletch didn't qualify for that sort of treatment, and it appears that he and his backers were buying his way onto that campus. Why they would do that isn't apparent, except perhaps to add some academic credentials to his resume.

It is also amusing that an institution like UCSD, with its sharp leftward tilt, would want this guy with his right wing political history, and with his education from something like Cal Baptist. The eagerness of UCSD to have him on the faculty had to be motivated by the promise of serious money. From where? Well, the Jacobs family and/or Qualcomm, of course. Verrrry interrresting!


Psycholizard Oct. 30, 2013 @ 9:26 a.m.

It's there, "LAUNDERING", Fletcher's "work" at UCSD and Qualcomm are laundered bribes for services rendered, and to be rendered. The obvious is now explicit. I'm ashamed of my University.


Curiousinmind Nov. 1, 2013 @ 10:58 a.m.

So it's not just those "evil" Republicans who fund & groom candidates in various ways for future political offices (e.g. teaching position at Democrat donor's alma mater & beneficiary of millions in donations).

Might this be an attempt to groom & buy a mayor to serve Q's interests today & groom him for future higher political office to secure Q's future interests?

Redaction occurred to protect the redacted (??) & redactor (UCSD/Larsen).

Are there any investigative reporters still here in San Diego or have they gone the way of Ron Burgundy???


aardvark Nov. 1, 2013 @ 1:28 p.m.

A question--in the article above, shouldn't it say 672 square foot signs? 672 feet is a REALLY big sign.


Susan Luzzaro Nov. 4, 2013 @ 5:24 p.m.

In 2005 Gordon Siu, a much-acclaimed high school journalist, reported on another Sweetwater Hall of Fame. Here is a link from Siu's website:



Visduh Jan. 11, 2013 @ 4:01 p.m.

Susan, we have missed you. When one round of new indictments was announced, I expected a report and there was none. Then the following day five more were indicted, and I was sure you would report. Hope you are back and on the job doing what you do so well, keeping us up to date on this ongoing scandal.


anniej Jan. 11, 2013 @ 4:20 p.m.

Ms. LUZZARRO: When the South Bay thinks of reporting the news The Reader and you are what we think of. Not sure where you went, hopefully you were having fun, but hip hip hooray YOU ARE BACK!!!!!!!

Eating is not the only thing that brand and "the gandara" have/had in common. It appears that brand has under estimated the resolve of those pesky "antagonists" resolve. They are learning much about many, many things.

Yes Mr. Siu, Brand has consistently focused on "other things" he considers more important than the 7-12th graders. Lets see we had the Funds for Education fiasco (a throw back to the Pepsi Cola deal), the charter ELEMENTARY school (why would anyone trust him to educate their elementary s hool aged child when he is failing to give our 7th-12th graders all of the resources they need to be educated), and most recently the Christian college deal ( perhaps Brand is not aware of the law regarding separation of church and state).

Too bad more were not paying attention to your excellent investigative work back then, maybe if we had, Brand would not be back again, sucking the life out of our District!!!!!


eastlaker Jan. 11, 2013 @ 6:41 p.m.

Ed Brand, greedy and gluttonous, who'd have thought? Yep, Fast Eddy always goes back for more...and the Sweetwater (majority) Board just goes right along. Textbook definition of "self-serving"--and while the documentation of all those meals may not be the most egregious part of the story, it does provide an easy metaphor for 'he who will not be sated'.

And timtim, still haranguing against Bertha Lopez, the one who dares to speak against 'he who will not be sated'? Why exactly are you so offended by her?

Is it perhaps because she has strength of character and the decency to actually try and do a good job as a trustee of Sweetwater, rather than just toadying for Brand? (Aka "the Gaping Maw", aka 'he who will not be sated', aka "Fast Eddy", aka "the Last of the Red-Hot Takers", aka "the All-Consuming Beast").

(And BTW, now we know why he stipulated in his recent contract that he get health coverage but would not have to have a physical...because he wouldn't have passed the physical. Guess his schedule did not indicate any time at the gym).


anniej Jan. 11, 2013 @ 9:43 p.m.

Stores: with all do respect NO the concerned tax payers commenting on this board - maybe 1% work for the district. Now back to the article, comment on the expense reports, compare them to the calendar. What do you have to say about how Brand spent our hard earned tax dollars? This is a VERY SERIOUS SITUATION! VERY SERIOUS. This community will not be led astray by smoke and mirrors. The PDF's this young man provided, they are DISTRICT DOCUMENTS!!!!!!!!! READ THE AND WEEP AS WE ARE!!!!!!!


Susan Luzzaro Jan. 12, 2013 @ 1:01 p.m.

I would also like to say a warm thank you to all of those who have welcomed me back, and to those who comment though don't necessarily welcome me back. Comments are always good and genuine dialogue is useful.

I will try my best to follow up on all the tips that have been coming through the website. Thank you for those as well.

May we all have a Happy New Year.


anniej Jan. 13, 2013 @ 9:22 p.m.

Stores: perhaps you are not aware and so I will attempt to define my position. If you had attended any board meetings in the past almost 4 years then you would know Sir/Ms that I have NEVER defended either Ricasa or Quinones. For verification ask Quinones yourself, as a matter of fact she refers to me with an adjective that rhymes with ditch and it AIN'T WITCH. Ricasa, I have no doubt she would not be RSVP ing any dinner party I would host.

Regarding Lopez, I do not defend Ms. Lopez, but what I do do is applaud her efforts and her votes on behalf of the students and taxpayers. I have supported her and did vote for her. Might I recommend that you either begin to attend the board meetings and observe the voting patterns for yourself - 4 - 1; with Lopez being the 1 or if unable to attend I recommend listening to the board meetings on line. Are you aware that she went to the DA about the same time that the "antagonists" did', you know the "antagonists" also went to the FBI? Do you know who the "antagonists" are?

It would help your credibility a bit if you educated yourself on what you speak, check my past posts for verification.


angrybirds Jan. 14, 2013 @ 10:25 a.m.

Well put anniej I read your posts and find them very informative and very entertaining as well.

Hey wow, I think this timtim sounds like McCann or Grossman two Republicans pouting because they didn't get their way in the elections. This McCann fellow had the same opportunity to go to the DA as Ms. Lopez but he didn't and based on his voting history both on the CV City Counsel and this board and his total melt downs caught on tape I am surprised he hasn't been charged yet.

Just really pisses me off that greedy people control the money that should be for the kids. They are getting ripped off right and left for sports and extra curricular activities because there is "no money" in the budget but none of these numnut board members can control their "appetite". POLITICIANS SUCK!!!!!


angrybirds Jan. 16, 2013 @ 10:44 a.m.

Wow for a minister to do this speaks volume of his character dont you think. This man lied under oath in the McCann TRO hearing can we not trust anyone in the South County anymore. I dont care who you support you don't get in someones face like that, Mr. Alex showed a lot of restraint because personally I would have decked him. Look at the people that Ms. Quinones surrounds herself with, no wonder she is in so much trouble.


oskidoll Jan. 16, 2013 @ 11:06 a.m.

Let's not forget that Ms. Pearl is one of the 'elite' of those indicted, whose charges also include extortion (along with Ricasa, Sandoval, Gandara). Even if those other pesky charges seem meaningless to some, extortion is really quite messy because it involves demanding something while in office, or 'under official color' of office. So you see, that she didn't just allow herself to be bribed like the others, but she and her fellow elitists are charged with making demands for things of value. If you will check back to Pearl's quotes in the earlier indictments, she was asking a vendor to support and help her land a well-compensated state commission job, and wrote an e-mail comment to the effect of , "I help those who help me."

So, this is now not surprising that she would have bullies to help her 'enforce' her territory. Seems she believes she 'owns' the public job as well as those who would provide whatever she asks.


Alex_Anguiano Jan. 16, 2013 @ 11:25 a.m.

“It’s the first step in a long process,” Anguiano said after Monday’s arraignment. “Hopefully one that will end up bettering our district. It is time for the corruption that has become synonymous with Sweetwater to end.”.

In the Hall of Justice, shortly after making these comments to a UT reporter, I was referred to as a “joto” by one supporter of an indicted school member. Outside of the entrance to the Hall of Justice, I was referred to as a “faggot” by another supporter ( the man in the picture that is pointing his finger at me ) of the same school board member and challenged to meet him around the corner.

I’m still reflecting on those comments.

I plan to continue attending the court proceedings.


anniej Jan. 16, 2013 @ 11:38 a.m.

i heard the guy was an educator in the san ysidro district which is great cause for concern and now it is stated he is a minister. guess he was cut from a different cloth than most ministers and educators. allegedly he has been trying to be hired on at the sweetwater district - NOT someone we need obviously.

while young men can be emotional ms. quinones definitely should have had control of the alleged supporter. fortunately for Ms. Saenz-Gonzalez and her family members no one was hurt.

on a positive note at least Mr. Anguiano did not go running to the board for legal fees like John Mccann did. Mccanns FAILED restraining order cost us approximately $8,000 - but hey what's it to mr. conservative - NOT ---------- it was only our hard earned tax dollars. if you read delgaldos lips he is saying something to the effect of 'you better have alot of money'!!!!! surely mr. delgado knows that teaching does not pay much, and at sweetwater is pays even less - let us not forget the furlough days our educators voted on "for the kids" -

well now we all know what this educator/minister/threatening man looks like - at all costs AVOID HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


eastlaker Jan. 18, 2013 @ 7:59 a.m.

Obviously this could have been predicted...Why is it that Ed Brand would think that separation of church and state is optional? Does he think that he gets to pick and choose the rules he follows?

Again, what kind of example is this for the students in the Sweetwater system?

And why would anyone do this when it costs so much more than Southwestern credits? Not to mention, will the credits from Grand Canyon transfer to schools? Chances are about a good third of the credits will not transfer, because that's just the way things go...not to mention that usually classes in the student's major MUST be taken at the college the student intends to graduate from--so the rule of thumb is, if you will be transferring, take distribution requirements and/or nothing too obscure if you want transfer credit.

Once again, Ed Brand gets the award for unclear on the concept thinking.

The big question is, what did Ed Brand get from Grand Canyon University in exchange for setting up this program? Pretty sure it is something, because Ed doesn't hold himself cheap!! HMMM. What could Grand Canyon University do for Ed....supplemental health insurance, maybe?...Maybe their dental plan is a good one? Maybe they promised to gas up his RV for free?


anniej Jan. 18, 2013 @ 8:30 a.m.

eastlaker: you have very succinctly wrapped this MAJOR concern up in a nut shell.

So now Brand is brash enough to enter into a contract that could put our district in harms way of a law suit. HELLO board members, BRAND remember Title IX? - this bunch of village idiots thought they would outskirt the law on that one too - and the rest is history - we LOST BIG TIME and now we are in the process of spending millions bringing our campuses up to par, not to mention the attorney and court fees.

But hey, law suit, what does it matter to Brand he is going to be gone in a couple of years. He is not vested in this community he lives up North, drives down here on our dime, literally each day. Wonder if he is still charging his morning cup of joe to 'Sweetwater taxpayers'? Along with his breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Thank you John McCann for bringing a bigger version of Elmer Fudd back to drain our district dry - guess birds of a feather do flock together.

Am I torked? Oh you betcha. With each and every 'show me my money' deal that brand, John McCann, Jim Cartmill, Pearl Quinones, and Arlie Ricasa shackle our district with more and more antagonists are joining the efforts to CLEAN UP SWEETWATER.


eastlaker Jan. 18, 2013 @ 10:19 a.m.

Ok, so what if the real monetary benefit is for the law firms, as anniej has suggested? What if, in extreme cynicism Brand IS throwing business to the law firms by way of the inevitable law suit...making sure his friends continue to be well-paid at the expense of the Sweetwater taxpayer?

That Title IX law suit about playing fields...any first year law student would have said that Sweetwater's position had no merit, and that Sweetwater would end up paying--so why continue with the law suit, unless you just want to provide a way for your friends in the law firm to bleed funds from the school room??? And didn't it go on for approximately 10 YEARS...so that Sweetwater was paying for something MANY TIMES OVER when they should have just done the right thing to begin with...who listens to advice like that? Who is that dumb? Unless the people aren't dumb, just cynical, and just making sure their attorney friends always have money coming in. Makes me sick.

Ed Brand has proved time and again that he cannot make a single decision that actually BENEFITS Sweetwater and Sweetwater's students! I am beginning to feel like a colonist railing against George III whose complaints were then registered in the Declaration of Independence...

Ed Brand has acted against the best interests of Sweetwater, its students and teachers and taxpayers time and time again. He has disobeyed the law (Brown act) repeatedly. He has lied--promising to work for free for a month, then coming up with a very transparent excuse regarding why he "couldn't". In fact, we in this district have been asking politely for transparency, and it has gotten us NOWHERE.

Ed Brand, his toadys Cartmill, McCann, Ricasa and Quinones have demonstrated vast amounts of arrogance yet little to no leadership ability, let along intelligence. Oh my stars and garters, what a gaggle of self-deluded creatures.

I wonder what this deal is doing for the toadys? What is the going rate for a good toady these days? Do toadys advertise on craigslist for opportunities? Or do they just all gravitate to Ed Brand and Sweetwater? They all seem to have wanted something when contractors, etc., came to call...do they think that Grand Canyon University will hire them in some capacity when they have been thrown out of Sweetwater?

When can Sweetwater concentrate on its own schools, its own students and its own teachers? When Fast Eddy and his merry band of toadys have finally been sent up the river for good?


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