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Thomas Lux and Barbarella

Thomas Lux discusses his "weird circus" cover feature. Diary of a Diva author and Reader Radio cohost Barbarella.


catacombsgal June 6, 2009 @ 9:31 a.m.

I love, love, loved this May 21 cover story about Zirk Ubu. Reading it, I raved to my writer-husband about the childlike quality of the writing. It carried Lux’s love and awe for the alternative circus and its troupe of characters. Too often writers stand off from their subjects, seeking a cool image, but Mr. Lux leapt right into Zirk Ubu - he joined the circus!!!

That sent me straight to zirkubu.com to buy tickets for the Red Ball this Saturday, June 13th in the East Village. The alt circ troupe is one of the attractions at Sushi Art’s resurrection show, and I have no doubt the gorgeous photos and very pleasurable imagery will sell out the event. Bravo!!

I was shocked and amazed by another letter to the editor calling it an “abominable cover story”. The writer went on that she had never read anything as awful as Lux’s article. WHAT? She loved the dull, detached, couch surfing story (which was soaked with fear and revulsion), but said this one “grated on her ... education”? I doubt such anger was fueled, as she said, by grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. I think her antagonism must have had a more personal source, like some prudie reaction to the sexual content of the story.

For me, life can always use more sex, or the hint thereof. “Bless This Crew” had everything I crave - attractive characters, juicy personal details, and a sense of joie! The writer took us into his confidence about his great adventure, as would a close friend. I want more stories like this, and thank god the Reader prints such an assortment of fun, free-thinking articles. Even if I don’t enjoy every one equally, I've got to come back to see what‘s next!


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