Oakley says the main difference between a fighter squadron and the other squadrons he’s been in is one of pace. “Here, everything we do is on the run.”

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Navy Life

Convair's Tomahawk missiles, Richard Meltzer on the Constellation, the importance of F14s

Richard Meltzer’s Navy So they’ve still got companies, which have still got commanders, not to be confused with literal Commanders, commissioned officer folk figuring rankwise between Lieutenants, actually Lieutenant Commanders and Captains, themselves not to ...

They fix Miramar's Screaming Eagles

When you take care of a Navy F-14, you own it.

It is the E-3 airmen and the E-4 third class petty officers who do most of the work on the airplanes. “It takes a college degree to break an F-14, and a high school diploma to fix it.”


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