The ol' annual Super Bowl shakedown

Game is a marketing tool for stadium-hungry team owners as host city coughs up freebies

Today is the day economists identify as one of the major global scams: the Super Bowl. Last year, 106.7 million watched it, down from the record 114.4 million in 2015. Given that the Sunday-night, Monday-night, ...

Will NFL neglect welfare of birds?

With all its glass, the new Vikings stadium will kill them

The American Bird Conservancy has asked the National Football League to modify plans for the soon-to-be-built Minnesota Vikings stadium. It will feature large expanses of glass that will kill thousands of birds over time, says ...

Can California Learn Anything from Minnesota?

When it comes to creating jobs, you betcha

The simplest and most effective solution to California’s economic slump is to create more jobs. When people have jobs, they spend more money on goods and services and they pay more in taxes. Jobs are ...

Wintergreen Dogsled Resort, Ely, Minnesota

I was invited to the Wintergreen Dogsled Resort in Ely, Minnesota, by a friend of mine. I chose the lodge-to-lodge trip, four days of dog sledding between lodges. The food at the lodges was wonderful, ...


Del Mar psychiatrist Gerald E. Nelson, author of several books about bipolar disorder and an ex-faculty member at UCSD, has finally had his license lifted in his home state of Minnesota, reports the Saint Paul ...

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