Guatemala: My First Trip Abroad

Tikal, Lake Atitlan, Antigua and Rio Hondo.

Have you ever eaten a marshmallow melted by a volcano? Well, I have. Let me tell you how this happened. I’m eleven years old and I just took my first trip overseas to Guatemala. I ...

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

The boat ride to Santa Cruz, Guatemala, was cold. The wind blew fervently as the boat hit rough patches, splashing swaths of freezing water on the passengers seated in front. Lake Atitlan is very windy. ...

Mayan Ruins in Quirigua, Guatemala

I’m fascinated by the Mayan civilization and its monumental architecture, artwork and culture and have visited ancient Mayan sites throughout Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. Some sites are sprawling, and it’s amazing to step back in ...

Time-traveling in Caribbean Guatemala


Caribbean Guatemala with Mayan ruins? You bet. Situated between Belize and Honduras, the short Caribbean coast of Guatemala displays a panoply of history and beauty. Starting from our cruise ship stop at Santo Tomas de ...

Tikal National Park, El Petén, Guatemala

An ancient Mayan civilization inhabited Tikal around 800 B.C., flourishing for over a century amid the subtropical rainforest of El Petén, Guatemala. Their extinction became legendary – a Lost City until the mid-19th century, when ...

Reader writer visits his restaurant busboy's third-world family

Guatemalan dreams of American green

Every day at 7:00 a.m., Mateo (names in this article have been changed to protect the immigrants) wakes up next to Maria, his longtime girlfriend. Most mornings, he hops out of bed, throws on his ...

Kids arrive alone in San Diego from Honduras. Then what?

Young immigrants lose hope

The hopped trains, took buses, spent long days walking. When their path took them through remote areas, they went hungry.

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