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Blame it on the Bureau of Indian Affairs

Easement property next to Sycuan tribal land creates conflict, confusion

For two years, Wally Riggs says he had to fight to keep his neighbors, the Sycuan tribe, from putting the west end of his land into the tribal trust — making it part of the ...

Experience dramatic transition in Sloan Canyon

No city hustle here

Dry chaparral becomes lush riparian habitat on this East County hike.

Biking the Great Western Loop

This East County route should be on every S.D. cycler's list.

A few friends and I went riding East County's Great Western Loop on a clear November morning. The GWL is a popular rural cycling route along Willow Glen, Dehesa, Japatul, Lyons Valley Roads and Jamul ...

Alpine-Dehesa Bike Ride

In the 1970s, the once tiny and now thoroughly suburbanized community of Alpine displayed a sign along its main highway boasting “Best Climate in the USA by Government Report.” The town’s boosters eventually got what ...

Hookah smokers, male strippers

In the swing of it

I wanted to chat with the best dancer I saw. He was a dead ringer for George Hamilton with whiter hair. I saw him dancing with two different women at various times. The women had the biggest smiles.