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Local destroyers Howard and Pinckney unprepared for shooting war

Pentagon audit: “Ship will not be able to conduct gunnery support”

An audit by the Pentagon's Office of Inspector General has concluded that the Navy's Arleigh-Burke class of destroyers, including two San Diego-based warships, has been unprepared for battle due in part to repeated training lapses ...

The dirty tricks of North River Farms

L.A.'s Sutton Law Firm hires private eye to go after Oceanside signature gatherers

Those signature gatherers in front of Home Depot or Ralph’s are usually in it for the money. They might get $3 to $5 per signature. They may or may not care much about the point ...

San Diego County will give you a property tax break for growing zucchini

Plus fur-bearing animals, dairy-producing animals, poultry.

Urban farms have dotted the county for years, just not in the numbers that can fill every plate. Finding out how many there are, in which cities, and what they are turning out, isn't easy. ...

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