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I suspect that whoever wrote the cover headline on the October 3 issue, “Book Clubs: What’s the Point?,” failed to read the story and was not the author who, in fact, appears to have a love affair with book clubs rather than a disparaging attitude. Book Clubs exist, as author Tam Hoang points out in his beautifully crafted story, because they provide an opportunity for people to engage in real conversation rather than communicating through electronic devices. There are dozens of book clubs in San Diego County, at commercial book stores and at most San Diego City and County Library branches. In fact, in my rural community, the library hosts two monthly Book Clubs. I suspect if Hoang ever writes a book, it will find its way to a Book Club discussion list..

  • Robert Lerner
  • Valley Center

When not reading to kids at libraries, Xaime Aceves Esquihua and Francisco Soto have been known to rap on YouTube about dildos, fisting, and gay-bar hook ups with “twinks” and “DL bros.”

When not reading to kids at libraries, Xaime Aceves Esquihua and Francisco Soto have been known to rap on YouTube about dildos, fisting, and gay-bar hook ups with “twinks” and “DL bros.”

Queens of drag

I was calling about the article today in the Reader about the drag queens and reading to the children (“Who are the drag queens at Chula Vista library?” City Lights, September 18). People always complain it’s too hot, it’s too cold, the buses don’t run right, homeless. They’re just very unhappy with themselves. If you have children [and] you don’t want them to go to the story hour, don’t let them, they don’t have to go. But some people are just, you know, so ignorant about things. You know, they’re not bothering anybody. That’s what they do, drag queens, so hey they’re not bothering you. Like I said don’t pay attention to things, don’t worry about it. Just take care of yourself and enjoy every day [and] not complain about every little thing. Perhaps if you had a child that might be a drag queen, would you feel differently?

  • Carol Petrovsky
  • Hillcrest

Katha Upanishad

Katha Upanishad

No Sanskriting around

I’m finding your articles on sheep and goats horrible. Why aren’t more Christian churches featured on the weekly series when they should be? This latest one on the Upanishads is the opposite of the teachings of the Holy Bible and is steeped into either or both Hinduism or Buddhism which brings lots of trouble for many a Christian man and woman (“The Katha Upanishad: self-knowledge is the highest form of happiness in Hinduism,” Literary and Spiritual Excerpts, October 4). The HOLY BIBLE says...Regard them not those with familiar spirits nor be enticed by them I AM THE LORD THY GOD, Leviticus 19:31. The hare krishnas are demonic aka SATANIC because their so called lord Krishna is the prince of demons same with those of the Buddhas too. Who if any of us can argue with the HOLY BIBLE?

  • John
  • Ocean Beach
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Jefferson1776 Oct. 9, 2019 @ 12:08 p.m.

Carol you prove the need to resist drag queen story time. That you or anyone could think a child could be a drag queen is reason enough to keep drag queens away from promoting their industry to children.


ceehound619 Oct. 9, 2019 @ 1:40 p.m.

As long as they aren’t telling the children what they are or espousing their political agendas to kids.....and sticking to only reading stories.....I’m okay with it. You have to realize that traditional old school Christian values aren’t hip anymore. You didn’t get the tweet ? (Sarcasm )


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