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Countee Cullen: influential member of the Harlem Renaissance alongside Langston Hughes

He was an African American poet, novelist, children’s storywriter and playwright

Incident Once riding in old Baltimore, Heart-filled, head-filled with glee, I saw a Baltimorean Keep looking straight at me. Now I was eight and very small, And he was no whit bigger, And so I ...

Today’s Syrian cuisine — a blend of Arab, Kurdish, Druze, Armenian, Circassian, Assyrian, Alawite, Turkish, Turkmen, Palestinian, Ismaili, Greek, Jewish, and Yazidi cuisines

Great food in the City of Heaven

Saturday night. East Main’s humming. “Private party,” says the guy at Mezzah. It’s the eatery in that beautiful old wooden house by El Cajon’s downtown park. Bummer. The place is crowded with older Chaldean men ...

Ash is Purest White: Zhangke Jia has a blast rattling genre conventions

How does one go through life with a gun secured inside the belt and neatly tucked under the back pleat of a sport coat?

Bin (Fan Liao) cradled Qiao’s (Tao Zhao) left palm in his, certain it was the same hand she used to squeeze off the shot that saved his life. Some romantic is he. The poor dumb ...

Within a crowded field already overflowing with Weezer wannabes and vapid Vampire Weekenders

Remo Drive, Reel Big Fish, Built to Spill, Black Keys

There’s something about Epitaph Records, when you hear of a band signed to that label, you pretty much always know what you’re in for. Emo, power pop, and pop punk make up the bulk of ...

New releases from Boostive, Plunderbund, Buck-O-Nine, Creature & the Woods, the Frights, more

And book releases from Noah C. Lekas and Lizzie Wann

After releasing a series of EPs, electronic hip-hop collective Boostive will drop their debut full-length Cream Supreme at 710 Beach Club on April 5. “The band will be featuring many of the vocalists from the ...

Worn out from a tour with MxPx, Go Betty Go give it another go

“Our most memorable San Diego show, was the show that never happened.”

They took their name from an encouragement they shouted to guitarist Betty Cisneros, who sometimes had a little trouble on the downbeat. Go Betty Go were, and are anew, Cisneros plus bassist Michelle Rangel and ...