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Appellate court turns back Hosking's fake cattle ranch

Blue brothers wanted to subdivide Julian land

Inhabitants of Julian who oppose the development of 1416 acres of local back country have a newfound victory to celebrate. An appellate court has reversed the decision by the county board of supervisors which would ...

O.C. billionaire Samueli beats out Philip Anschutz for San Diego Sports Arena

Lobbyists work the city council

Round one of a high-dollar lobbying war over who will control what was formerly known as the San Diego Sports Arena – for now named Pechanga – has concluded, with the win going to some ...

Vista's Paseo Santa Fe starts out as war zone

New sidewalks, landscaping, roundabouts, but piles of dirt in meantime

After claiming a downtown roadway as an “area blighted and full of problems,” the city of Vista launched a $18.8-million renovation program to transform a mile of South Santa Fe into “Paseo Santa Fe.” The ...

Seasurf Fish Co. shows the cost of affordable seafood

Farmed fish comes off lackluster in a city rich with fish markets

San Diego has trained me well. When I see the words “fresh fish market” associated with a restaurant, I imagine glass counters that contain glistening fresh filets tempting customers toward one seasonal catch or another. ...