The Gloria campaign raised $637,522 in cash.
  • The Gloria campaign raised $637,522 in cash.
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Squirrely behavior

You start off with the specifics of “hairspray” burn magic and move smoothly into your story about how by association, you and crew almost got caught during target practice squirrel hunting (“Who killed the giant squirrel of the Cuyamacas?” Cover Stories, July 31). Isn’t that unethical, I mean, illegal anyway? Did that by any chance happen at Old Prospect Road?

Funny you should say, you “kept everyone’s secrets (that night)” based on the timing in your training. Now it’s blurted over 7 pages in the Reader street news. And your story ending was fab. All you got out of it was something about “fire safety.” My comments: Let me preface by saying, no one is perfect and I have certainly made mistakes. First of all, I thought squirrel killing was reserved for serial killers, domestic terrorists and such. And what with impressionable “new harvest” teen minds, hopefully they won’t read this article and grow up to be Rescue Firemen who have suddenly lost the meaning of their job description. Otherwise, it was perfectly well minimized bad behavior in order to justify ‘bros over hoes.’ Good job. [New York sarcasm in case you can’t recognize it.]

  • Christy S.
  • San Diego

Waterlogged fashion

I really miss your section on the waterfront, I don’t recall what it was called. I particularly enjoyed each week’s short interview with a local surfer, and ocean or beach related events. Seems like it was a lot more interesting to San Diego residents than that awful fashion column, or Ask a Hipster.

  • Mark Clem
  • Bay Park

MaraElliott fundraiser at Higgs, Fletcher

MaraElliott fundraiser at Higgs, Fletcher

Second Amendment shootout

San Diego city council members voted against their oath of office on Tuesday July 30, 2019 by passing in a 6 – 2 vote a new city ordinance that takes away a citizen’s right as to how to defend themselves against the rise of violent attacks in their homes! Despite the rhetoric from the other side – despite – their own legal counsel’s potential political aspirations, the facts alone speak to this matter. The facts in this matter are: The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and the Supreme Court of the United States in a landmark case District of Columbia v. Heller, City Attorney Mara Elliott (“Mara Elliott sets four blasts for campaign cash,” News Ticker, June 18) is dead wrong with respect to her manipulation of the Heller decision. Therefore, she, the city council, and all citizens of San Diego will lose by listening to her unwise counsel.

  • Lance Pelky
  • San Diego

Political correctness rules

Will someone in this city please be honest. The quest for mayor is essentially over before it began (“Todd Gloria returns scandal-tainted Hertzberg cash,” News Ticker, August 2). At last count, there are about 9 to 11 lost souls running including myself to be this city’s chief executive. It appears a two-horse race except my money is on the Hillcrest Castle home and heart of the local Democratic Party. Don’t mess with the good neighbor to Banker’s Hill. These guys play hardball. Hell, they make Henry Aaron look like a AA ballplayer in his prime. You know what? The rest of us candidates are being scape goated for America’s ridiculous notion of equality.

  • Daniel Joseph Smiechowski
  • Bay Ho
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