He was Highlander. He was their Image Man.
  • He was Highlander. He was their Image Man.
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Raoul Marquis: "I’ve been a farmer, a prosecutor, a defense attorney. There came a time in my life when I looked at myself, and I saw that I had been holding something back."

Raoul Marquis – mayor of India Street

Marquis was into the “penicillin culture’’ of theater, in which theater thrives on itself and expands; the more it is produced, the more it will be produced. And during the first year of theater operation, the Marquis Public Theater produced 136 performances by twenty-nine different performing groups.

By Mark Orwoll, Dec. 11, 1980 Read full article

Helen Copley to Remer: “I don’t want to talk to you. You’ve gotten me in enough trouble.”

Like Jane Fonda at a Black Panther meeting

"In his eyes, Jerry Brown can do no wrong. Tom Hayden can do no wrong. By the same token, [state senator] Jim Mills is a bad guy because he took on Tom Hayden. Wilson was a bad guy during the mayoral campaign, and I used to kid Larry about being mayoral candidate Simon Casady’s minister of propaganda."

By Mark Orwoll, Apr. 3, 1980 Read full article

"I don't talk like other sports guys."

The sportscaster San Diegans love to hate

What makes Leitner different is that he carries the party into the broadcast studio. He doesn’t deliver opinion, he breathes it. When Leitner explains that boxing promoters put money before the safety of their boys, you get the feeling that you’ve seen this broadcaster’s face before — at a picnic, above a can of Hamm’s.

By Greg Kahn and Joe Applegate, Aug. 21, 1980 Read full article

He touched upon some of the psychological changes reported in “normal” runners: a sense of euphoria about forty minutes into the run.

Mercy Hospital fires shrink and it helps him

“I said. ‘It seems to me that there are two ways we can go. One, we could try the medication (antidepressants) and we can sit and talk, or maybe we can go on out and we’ll walk and jog together and see if that works instead.”

By Jeannette DeWyze, Oct. 2, 1980 Read full article

Manufacturers like Hang Ten want young beach boys to do their modeling. The Latin lover look doesn’t exactly sell clothes to the fraternity crowd at San Diego State.

Look familiar? He was the image of Highlander menswear

Crawford has built his reputation around his work with Highlander, a chain of seven men’s stores throughout San Diego County. The notoriety has been boon and bane, though. “Every day someone comes up and recognizes me,” he says. “It’s great for the ego. It means I must be doing something right. But I have to get through this stereotype thing.”

By Mark Orwoll, Sept. 18, 1980 Read full article

Paul Hartwell: “Greyhounds are pretty close to being the oldest surviving breed of dog on earth."

The man who started greyhound racing at Caliente

“That dog that won likes the number-one post position. Wins every time he’s in it. The number-one hole produces the most winners, gives a dog a chance to get out away from the pack early and down to the rail. A lot of bumping and confusion can take place in the slots closer to the middle."

By Stephen Heffner, Nov. 6, 1980 Read full article

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