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Spoiler Alert

The fans have spoken

The Supergoose that Laid the Golden Eggs?

Marks madness

Scott Marks covers the movie front for this week's new releases, including Wildling and Tully

For a while there, Ye Olde new release schedule seemed to be waving a blank white flag of surrender: "Oh, Avengers: Infinity War, we know better than to try to compete with your awesome earning ...

Quiz time!

How does President Trump see the caravan of Central American migrants that has recently arrived at the US border?

a) Sauron’s orcish horde storming Helm’s Deep in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers? b) Victims of the Zombie Plague swarming up the walls of Jerusalem in World War Z? c) The White ...

RIP Tony Kinman of the Dils

Local punk and Americana pioneer passes

Local music scene in mourning for cowpunk pioneer

Science: girls have cooties

New research out of Salk Institute finds genetic, gender-based source of the ickiness, stupidity, and general inferiority of women

NO, NOT REALLY — The Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla confirmed what everybody already knows today when it revealed that boys are genetically superior to girls. “And not just genetically,” says gene ...

GOP's Facebook king boosts Cate and Zapf

Cruz's digital guru says privacy worries overblown

Britain's Cambridge Analytical is shutting down in the wake of its Facebook privacy scandal and German justice minister Katarina Barley is calling for the social media site to crack down on personal data abuse. But ...

We're not L.A.

But still no more burnouts in the La Costa parking lot

Every Thursday night at the La Costa Town Square shopping center, a scene from the 1950s and 60s boulevard car cruses repeats itself. Instead of slow street cruising, 200 car enthusiasts park, hang out, talk ...

Fly away home(less)

City Unveils plans for changes to indoor skydiving facility being converted to homeless center: none

NO, NOT REALLY — Last February , the City of San Diego bought a defunct downtown indoor skydiving facility for $7 million. Critics were quick to criticize the move, saying that the building was totally ...

What is non-consciousness?

Or, what's hindering your dharma?

What is non-consciousness?

Comic dealers want C-notes and benjies

Don't go on the internet

On April 28, John purchased a Howard the Duck comic book at the San Diego Rocket-Con. For the month of April, this was the third comic book and toy show in San Diego County. Like ...

Diving into gumbo

A slow roux, roasted chicken stock, and the Cajun trinity

I’d already started eating the gumbo before one of the owners of the place explained to me how it was made, but hearing about it still made me hungry. The key to the roux, she ...

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