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Oceanside Ale Works returns — see Apr.4 update below

New owners swept up in ongoing partner dispute

It was only a couple months ago the Reader reported Oceanside Ale Works had shut its doors as the result of a partner dispute. As of March 17th, its doors are officially open to the ...

Finding God in a shack

"Once we realize the love that God gives each one of us, we see our neighbors a little differently."

Membership: 750 Pastor: John Shaver Age: 47 Born: Dayton, OH Formation: North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC; Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, PA; Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C.; University of Pittsburgh Years Ordained: 19 San Diego ...

All quirks present and accounted for

Mahler’s music is overtly psychological and biographical, perhaps more than any other composer

Mahler’s Symphony No. 1: Titan might be dwarfed by his Symphony No, 2: Resurrection but amongst first symphonic efforts, Mahler’s first looms large. Is there a first symphony by any composer which is performed more ...

Council to convene in Santee

Brewery unveils plans for bigger production and new tasting room

Council Brewing Co. announced Tuesday that it had purchased the brewhouse and lease of Santee brewer Finest Made Ales, between Gillespie Field and Highway 52. Council will operate it as a second brewhouse and tasting ...

Nine miles from nearest bus stop

Twelve Tribes branch in Valley Center

“Could you let me off at Lilac Road?” That’s me, asking the driver of the 388 as we climb through the hills and orange orchards of Valley Center Road, northeast of Escondido. “Just in time,” ...

New radio station owner driven by deep hate for iHeartRadio

Meanwhile, iHeartMedia $20 billion in debt, bankrupt

“I believe they helped ruin the radio industry,” says La Jolla’s Marc Paskin, a former radio station owner, about iHeartMedia, the media group that owns billboards, promotes concerts, and owns 850 radio stations nationwide, including ...

Bob Balaban gets to be King — the dog

"There’s a thin line dividing us, and it involves the fact that he has more hair than I do."

Actor Bob Balaban has appeared in director Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel and Moonrise Kingdom. In the delightful and exquisite Isle of Dogs, he plays King, a former dog food commercial star who is ...

Coveted in the Covenant

Six beds, 10 baths for $21 million in Rancho Santa Fe

This week we visit Buena Vista Farms, an estate set “on a raised plot of land” comprising more than 15 acres of coveted land within the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant. The property at 6025 El ...

Remembering Snoop Dogg's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad night

Chula Vista police formed a skirmish line on stage

For a while in the early 2000s, weed-loving rapper Snoop Dogg avoided the San Diego area. Really, who could blame him, after the first date of his 2001 Puff Puff Pass tour ended early, with ...

Three Sonnets

"Bison Burgers and Fry Bread," "From Chilhowee Mountain," and "Reservation"

Bison Burgers and Fry Bread Among my people, here again I am, Preparing to be welcomed to the feast. The “immigrant,” you’re undisturbed, at least, Leaned back, as though you do not give a damn ...

Keeping blues out of the Museum of Past Glory

Southern Avenue's name is a nod to Stax Records

The last time the soul band Southern Avenue blew through town, I commented in these pages that maybe a decade on the road would put grit into their sound. Sounds like they’ve done it in ...

Melvin Knurbein's last recordings

Dying drummer needs your help

“They just put him in hospice yesterday,” says bassist Mike Woods about Resevior Tips drummer Melvin Knurbein, a longtime member of the San Diego punk community also known from bands like Woodshed, the Untold, and ...

Harold Lloyd's organic flow

These early slapstick two-reelers should be required text for all wannabe comic filmmakers

This week we feature a trio of Harold Lloyd shorts from 1920, all of which are available on YouTube. Alfred J. Goulding and Hal Roach’s Haunted Spooks While Lloyd was posing for promotional stills midway ...

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