“They did it again. Huge mess, bottles and styrofoam everywhere."
  • “They did it again. Huge mess, bottles and styrofoam everywhere."
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For the second time this month, two city dumpsters at Robb Field in Ocean Beach have been filled to overflowing with trash and recyclable materials left piled up next to the dumpsters.

The first incident happened on or about January 8th, when someone dumped numerous glass doors; it raised safety concerns about the broken glass and disrespect for the community.

What appear to be wine-bottle shipping material.

What appear to be wine-bottle shipping material.

Eric Jackson, who originally reported the first incident via social media, told me, “It was spotless 2 days after” but is not sure who cleaned the area.

Yesterday, January 20th, Jackson posted images to social media showing the dumpsters were used again for disposal of what appears to be empty wine-bottle shipping boxes.

“They did it again…only this time it came from a restaurant or store. Huge mess, bottles and styrofoam everywhere. They need to post signs or remove the dumpsters,” Jackson told me.

Another resident went over to Robb Field to investigate.

“I went over to Robb Field to hopefully break down those boxes and get the styrofoam in the trash. It's a total damn mess over there,” Sam told me.

“I called the number of the addressee on most of the boxes; apparently they hired a moving company to clear out an old storage unit. They claimed most of the items I mentioned belonged to them…so whatever moving company they hired is illegally dumping.”

Sam also tracked the items to the contractor: “Keller Construction is the company they contracted to clear out their space and take items to the dump.”

I called Joseph Keller, from Keller Construction, who told me he doesn’t do junk removal but said he has a guy who does it.

“I’m a general contractor and use Bill — he’s got a truck — to haul junk away. I’ve gotten a couple calls this morning about his dumping and I’ll talk to him about it, but I didn’t know he was doing that.”

Due to a string of recent arson fires, O.B. residents have been vigilant about clearing any combustible materials from alleys and streets. Residents are hauling some of the debris away this morning, and the Park and Rec Department has also been notified.

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CaptainObvious Jan. 22, 2018 @ 12:55 p.m.

I live 500 miles north. Our property taxes include a fee that allows residents one free truckload to the dump daily. While there is another fee for curbside pickup, the free dump prevents illegal dumping by all but the most lazy or loathsome.


Visduh Jan. 22, 2018 @ 4:49 p.m.

This practice of charging to take small household amounts of trash to the dump has just the wrong effect. Folks either don't get rid of it at all, or dump it anywhere they can get away with it. Around No County there used to be a number of spots that were secluded, and kept getting illicit dumping. There are fewer of them now than ten or twenty years ago, it still goes on. Why not ENcourage use of the dump, rather than DIScouraging it?


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