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San Diego wort workers wanted

Brewers far and wide seek those who've run with the big dogs

Back in June, Copenhagen brewery Mikkeller introduced a new hire for its 12-foeder, wild-ale brewhouse, Baghaven: "This is Ehren Schmidt, our new Master Blender," the announcement read, "A man that knows his shit." Schmidt had ...

Taxpayers hosed by city airport vendor

Contractor hijacked at least $44,000 of hydrant water

An unidentified city contractor has been tapping fire hydrants for an undetermined but substantial amount of free water over more than a decade at Montgomery Field and Brown Field airports says a December 28 report ...

Three concussions while surfing

"Couldn’t drive to work for the whole month”

Name:Stephanie Canepa Age: 37 From: Mission Beach Location: Ocean Beach Occupation: Administrative tech for finance company “There’s a lot of stuff to do here and the vibes are upbeat and family oriented — and we ...