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Scott and Leslie

Some Women You Want to Hate

Lt. Weinpel knew Ms. Smith was the girl for him. “From then on, it was just a matter of how am I going to finance the ring?” The lieutenant, who flies AH-1 Whiskey Super Cobra helicopters for the Marines, knew he was being deployed to the Southern Pacific. As the couple grew closer, they spoke in hypotheticals about their future. “I would say, ‘What if there were a person who was going to leave?’”

June 10, 2004 | Read full article

Bree and Ryan

A Navy Guy Makes His Move for a Home Run

With Ms. Henderson still blindfolded, Mr. Cornforth walked her to the edge of the infield. “That was the cue for the music to start. They walked to the pitcher’s mound and faced home plate. Ms. Henderson still had no idea where they were. “I gave my speech. I told her our time together had been amazing.” When Mr. Cornforth finally removed the blindfold, his friends turned on the lights. “I got down on one knee.”

June 17, 2004 | Read full article

Erwin Castillo & Brianne Stewart

Erwin Has no Bad Qualities

“I met her at a traffic light,” Mr. Castillo says and chuckles, “at the corner of Mira Mesa Boulevard and Camino Ruiz. I was in the left turn lane talking to a friend when a silver VW Jetta pulled up beside me. I thought, ‘Wow!’ Brianne was going to the bank and wanted to get into the left lane. I rolled down my window and told her, ‘I’ll let you in if you give me your phone number.’”

June 24, 2002 | Read full article

Carolina and Wayne

Sexy Grease Monkey

“I got hives on my back, face, and neck. We got some Benadryl. Then he took me to the hospital.”

“I had the ring in my pocket,” Mr. Morris says. “When they were checking her in, the nurse asked her, ‘Who’s this?’ and pointed to me. She said, ‘My fiancé.’ I didn’t want her to lie to the nurse. So, I got down on my knee and said, ‘Baby, will you marry me?’”

July 1, 2004 | Read full article

Bethany and Michael

Quiet Lass

At the Denny’s at Fletcher Parkway and Navajo, Mr. Burke introduced Ms. Skinner to his favorite shake, the grasshopper, which would also become her favorite. The two discovered that they drove the same kind of car (1991 Toyota Corolla), had the same birthday, and had been born at the same hospital (Mercy). They also both liked French fries with ranch dressing. A month later, Mr. Burke told Ms. Skinner he loved her.

July 8, 2004 | Read full article

Jeremy Pleso and Jocelyn Lee

Picked up at Yogi’s

Mr. Pleso deployed to the Middle East in July 2002. He was gone for six months, training in Kuwait. “We e-mailed a lot while I was gone,” Mr. Pleso explains. “Plus some regular letters.” He got back in December 2002 and was re-deployed a month later to Iraq. “That one was harder,” Ms. Lee says. “We weren’t expecting it. And Jeremy said, ‘I don’t know where I’m going to be or what I’m going to be doing.’”

July 15, 2004 | Read full article

Matthew Lyons and Kristina McDonald

Marine’s 17-year-old

Mr. Lyons says he had a hard time. “Her dad wouldn’t even look at me,” he recalls. “He was watching TV. I told him, ‘Kristi and I have been serious for a while. I want to ask your permission to marry her.’ He said, ‘Do you have a job?’ I said, ‘No.’ He said, ‘Do you know when you’re going to get a job?’ I said, ‘No.’ He said I could marry his older daughter, but not Kristi.”

July 22, 2004 | Read full article

Desiree Slane and Jeff Klassen

Temecula Surfer Weds Punk-Rock Accountant

“We went to Maui. I didn’t know exactly where I was going to propose. For the first three days, I carried the ring in the box everywhere we went. I was worried she’d wonder why I always had a backpack with me. Finally, the third night we were there, we took a walk at sunset. I wanted to walk farther to get away from everyone. Desiree said, ‘Let’s just sit here.’”

July 29, 2004 | Read full article

Melissa Ortaleza and Kenneth Cook

I said I Love You at Buffalo Joe’s

Mr. Cook said “I love you” first, on New Year’s Eve 2002. “We were downtown at Buffalo Joe’s.” Miss Ortaleza said “I love you” back. The crowd was so loud, Mr. Cook didn’t hear. When Miss Ortaleza sent a letter soon after signed “Love, Melissa,” Mr. Cook was puzzled. She had been careful never to use the L-word in her missives. Later she told him, “Didn’t you know? I said ‘I love you’ back at Buffalo Joe’s.”

Aug. 5, 2004 | Read full article

Gabriela Arroyo and Jose Luis Rojano

Fine Art Proposal

The couple walked around downtown, then ended up at Café Lulu. “We talked until 2:30 in the morning,” Miss Arroyo recalls. “He talked about his family and about his mother. I liked that. I fell in love right away. He was so charming and genuine.” When it came time to pop the question, Mr. Rojano consulted his friends. “They all said to get a limo and go for a hot-air balloon ride.”

Aug. 12, 2004 | Read full article

Kathryn Stafford and Michael Strom

Batman, Wonder Woman

“We were singing karaoke and playing pool,” Mr. Strom remembers. “I noticed Kathryn was a really good pool player. A hustler, you might say.”

“I’m not a hustler,” Miss Stafford corrects her fiancé and punches his arm. “I just played a lot of pool in college and got to be pretty good.”

Later in the evening, Mr. Strom tried to kiss Miss Stafford. “I was, like, ‘No way. You’re off-limits,’” Miss Stafford remembers.

Aug. 19, 2004 | Read full article

Mimi Grifkin and Steve Rasky

The Cat Pays Love’s Price

For their second date, Miss Grifkin and Mr. Rasky went to a Jewish Singles dance on Christmas Eve at E Street Alley. “It’s one of those places where you run into all the people you used to date,” Mr. Rasky says.

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