Gerry Glenn: “I got into baking accidentally."
  • Gerry Glenn: “I got into baking accidentally."
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Smith and he begin a good-natured hassle over the price of a heavy gold necklace and pendant studded with diamonds.

Watches and rings and people and things

Pawning, generally, is something other than a lopsided contest between loansharks and the destitute. Most of Smith’s customers, he says ninety percent of them, come back to redeem the goods they’ve left with him for collateral on loans. That is, after all, what pawning is all about — the giving of collateral in exchange for a small, short-term loan. “We’re the poor man’s bank.”

By Bob Dorn, Jan. 14, 1982 Read full article

I tried getting into a cat cage but we couldn’t get the door shut.

Among the creatures

At 6:00 a m., after I cracked open the door to the back room and hit the lights. I would be greeted by a cacophony of barks, ranging from the shrill yips of the toy poodles, chihuahuas, and puppies to the booming bass attacks of the shepherds, beagles, and bassets. “Quiet!” I would yell at the top of my lungs, which might or might not shock them into silence for a minute or less.

By Ron Jennings, Feb. 4, 1982 Read full article

Sousa at Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

Around the world in nine years

Sousa says he recently flew to Thailand in the coach section of the airplane, while Kieren of the Tribune enjoyed the amenities of the first-class cabin. “So when we arrived, she emerged from first class fresh and rosy. She hadn’t paid a damn thing, whereas I [the Union] had paid several thousand dollars to, again, wind up as a basket case."

By Jeannette DeWyze, April 22, 1982 Read full article

Rossi-defined pillars of Western philosophy: Augustine to David Riesman. Chardin. Joseph Campbell. Camus. Fromm. Plato. Joseph Fletcher’s “situation ethics.” Machiavelli. Hobbes. Locke. Rousseau. Koestler. Sartre.

The teacher fails

Rossi had us trooping off to the Academy Theater to see Alain Resnais’s La Guerre Est Finie, a pastiche of political correctness and sensuality. The commingling of radlib politics with grainy romance, featuring some genuinely innovative photography and editing, was not lost on us.

By Phil Catalfo, Sept. 28, 1989 Read full article

Tony Bochene checks vertical square of corner support.

Broken homes

“This is high-quality tract housing. Each stage depends on the previous stage. If you’ve got a foundation that’s out of square, then the house is going to be out of square. The cabinets are square and they’re going to be out of square. They’re going to have to caulk that to cover that up. So the mistakes that are made in each stage follow all the way through to the end.”

By Jeannette DeWyze, Oct. 6, 1988 Read full article

Glenn: "Some bakers are just bread bakers. They’ll be bread bakers for 40 years; they could see a pie or Danish pastry and never know how to make it."

The boy who liked to bake

"I learned a lot about French pastries. Different ways to make them, different formulas. You could take instant custard that would taste almost like real custard, and all you got to do is add milk to it. Well, when you learn real fancy ways, the way the French really make it, a lot of time involved there. You can be faster, but you still got to be to perfection."

By Patrick Daugherty, Jan. 9, 1992

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