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What's the market price on that fish?

Grilled local beats fried anything, despite the cost

I should have been ordering the local catch all along. When North Park’s Beerfish first opened a couple years ago, I went for the fish and chips. They were all right. After it retooled a ...

A La Mesa brewery gets better with age

Things get funky at the tasting room next door

Since the day it opened in 2015, Helix Brewing Co. has offered one of the county’s most appealing places to hang out and drink beer. Though right in the thick of La Mesa’s industrial zone, ...

Oceanside – the good and bad news

Hobby Lobby, WinCo, Orfilia Winery coming. TE Connectivity leaving.

Oceanside’s shady days as a wild jarhead romper room are long gone. Residential land values continue to bound upward. Its commercial profile flourishes with the soon-to-be-announced specifics of the new "pier hotel" by developer SD ...

San Diego sole-source overrun soars by $7 million

Chronic change orders and departed workers plague permit system

A sole-source contract touted by development officials for bringing new efficiency to permit processing as it breezed through city council three years ago has come a cropper, according to a November 16 report by interim ...

Scooter bullies

When will San Diego crack down?

About two weeks ago I was driving eastbound on University Avenue in Cherokee Point. I noticed two teens riding Bird scooters on the sidewalk traveling in the same direction and as they passed Noelia’s Party ...

Quast Rock, T Rock, Anchor Rock and God's Rock

Dive sites off La Jolla Cove

The following comes from the San Diego website Of these four named rocky pinnacles grouped together offshore of Point La Jolla, the best known is Quast Rock, which sits way out northwest past Boomer ...