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Councilmember got on Rolando catwalk project long ago

TV news' Turko blasts Georgette Gomez for not coming before camera

City Councilmember Georgette Gomez — called out by Michael Turko for not participating in his stories on the need to repair Rolando’s “catwalk” walkways — didn’t want to appear to take credit for other people’s ...

New movie releases for 2018

... including The Commuter and The Post

A dumb train movie. A sweet train movie. A movie about sad old people. A movie about sad young people. A movie about a strong white woman. A movie about a strong black woman. And ...

Jehovah's Witnesses to settle sex-abuse case

Victim filed lawsuit six (6) years ago

A lawsuit is now settled between a former victim of sexual abuse and Jehovah's Witnesses. According to the court's website, the case is under a "conditional settlement." The terms and conditions of the settlement are ...

A spicy jerk offers tenderness

The only Jamaican food between Orange County and the 56

As I sat in my booth at One Love Island Cuisine in Oceanside, I watched as fellow customers entered the shop and approached the counter to order. Most of them had a story to share ...

Tronc’s Times newsroom blowback

San Diego's big sister ponders moving to Santa Monica

Chicago wheeler-dealer Michael Ferro's tronc, which has been shrinking the staff and newsroom space of the San Diego Union-Tribune, is encountering resistance from Los Angeles Times staffers, worried about putative plans to move the U-T’s ...

Reader stories January-April, 1996 READY-JH

Lemon Grove pigeon racing, tough rehab, Linda Vista utopia, Mayor Golding's crooks, San Diego packs heat

Lemon Grove to Casa Grande — the Kentucky Derby of bird racing Now everyone has left their tables and is starting to gather on the little hill where I’m sitting. A sweet-faced, silver-haired little lady ...

Suspect solicitor said to be one of sham sales group

"They said he has been wreaking havoc around there."

On December 24th of last year the Reader published an article about an overly aggressive solicitor who’d been knocking on doors at all hours of the day and night. Since the article posted, complaints continue ...

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