If not at Moonlight Beach, you can find Wally World jamming at the Encinitas Legion.
  • If not at Moonlight Beach, you can find Wally World jamming at the Encinitas Legion.
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A short article from the website DeadState has been making the local rounds on Facebook of late. The title is, “This is quite possibly the worst music video in the history of earth.” The “possible worst video” is “Raise Some Kaine,” by local Encinitas rockers Wally World.


Wally World, "Raise Some Kaine"

According to Wally World mastermind Wally Passet, the video was shot on Encinitas’ Moonlight Beach in 2011. They tackled the video in a couple of takes, and Passet says he came up with the idea of playing on the sand. He admits that “it’s not the greatest video in the world.”

Moonlight Beach

200 B Street, Encinitas

In the video, the five-piece band plays along to “Raise Some Kaine” as it flows out of a portable CD player that can be seen next to drummer Loren Kofsky in a handful of shots. Guest appearances include Passet’s niece, Katie Sandoval, dancing next to the band in an open coat and a bikini; Kofsky’s wife, Sandra, making a brief cameo near the start of the video, and an unknown beach-walker staring at her phone, unaware that she has just walked through a heavy-metal video shoot.

DeadState said, “This band, especially the singer and the drummer, have the energy of a sloth with an identity crisis,” and, “As bad as this music video is, we want these guys to make it to the top.”

The video currently has over 50,000 views on YouTube, so it looks like DeadState’s dubious distinction has indeed helped Wally World’s cause. This is especially apparent when you take into account comments such as, “This initially just made me laugh. Now I can’t get this crazy tune out of my head. I watch it every day.”

So, could shooting an intentionally awful video be a good ploy to attract listeners?

“Absolutely. Like I said, some guy was jealous and put ‘world’s worst video’ and it just kind of went off the charts,” Passet said.

Passet has a long history with both rock and Encinitas. He got his start playing in the Foreigner-esque King Neptune in the late ’70s before he veered a bit more metal in the 1980s with Snakebyte. Paset said Snakebyte played L.A. venues such as the Troubadour and the Roxy, opening for bigger bands such as Quiet Riot. Atlantic apparently wanted to sign the band circa 1986, but group infighting caused the band to implode before a deal could be inked.

Wally World marches on, though. They are mostly playing the American Legion in Encinitas these days.

“I used to go to Pacific View Elementary, which is right by the Legion,” Passet explained. “When I was kid, I used to sneak out and watch this band, Sunshine, play there. It was so cool. I’m so glad to be playing back there again.”

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