Security camera recorded the driver getting out of her car before she keyed another car.
  • Security camera recorded the driver getting out of her car before she keyed another car.
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Around noon on Sunday, September 24th, reports of an aggressive, bra-wearing driver and her silent sidekick driving around O.B. like lunatics started being reported on Facebook.

Jane was the first to alert the community of these “crazy” chicks after she and her husband encountered them at the intersection of Bacon Street and Narragansett Avenue.

The driver blowing through a stop sign on Bacon Street

“BOTLO for a crazy chick driving a silver civic type car w/a faded red strap holding down the hood, starting fights…. While we were walking south on Bacon, a car turning left into the intersection of Narragansett blows the stop sign… We were about to enter the intersection, so I yell at the female driver, she stops the car, gets out yelling at me and throws a bottle of water in my face. We continue to exchange words as I pick up the bottle off the ground (hate littering), she's now in a boxer's stance and egging me on to fight (20's, approx. 100 lbs 5'2 lace bra top and blk pants, long blk hair, pulled back, Hispanic or mixed race).”

As this was happening, another couple walked by. The female also yelled at the aggressive driver to stop. Her boyfriend then pulled her ponytail hard and told her to mind her own business.

“As my attention is now on the couple the car chick smacks me in the back of the head, open handed,” Jane tells me. “My husband was still standing in front of the car, the driver was revving her engine, yelling at him, acting like she was going to run him over. The passenger [African-American female, 20s] seemed to be surprised — maybe.”

Though unclear, the plate appears to read 6FFK107.

Jane attempted to help the woman whose ponytail had been pulled while Jane’s husband continued to exchange words with the driver, who eventually got in her car and sped off.

“A man walking by stopped to say she was just in an altercation with a near by shop…. Honesty, if the other shit wouldn't have gone down I would have just laughed at her and walked away,” Jane continued. ”She was an absolute joke...not a muscle in sight, with her fists up, tryin' to get me to take her scrawny ass on, standing in the middle of the street, in her damn lingerie.”

A few hours later, another resident reported an altercation with the girls on Newport Avenue and snapped a pic of their plate after they almost ran him over on his skateboard.

“This same crazy bitch almost hit me twice,” Steve wrote. “The second time I yelled out, ‘LEARN HOW TO FUCKING DRIVE!!!’ and she left her car — parked sideways — taking up both sides of the street on Newport and got out wanting to fight me with a water bottle in hand. They are looking for a fight. I hope some well trained fighting females cross her path.”

In fact, one very well trained female, Vanda, was working at Apple Tree Market when she heard the incident mentioned above.

“I heard a bit of commotion out here and it started where they held up the whole street, “ she told me. “They were yelling and screaming. I don’t know what the deal was, but they ended up turning into this one spot here, all crooked, and then got out of the car and started going off on me, like, ‘I know who you are’ and this and that, and [the driver] started confronting me and I was, like, ‘Come on, let’s go, bring it, let’s go, you’re in the wrong hood….

“Saad, my boss, he knows I’m a boxer and [I] would beat the shit out of them, and we don’t need that riff-raff here in O.B., we don’t need it. So I said, ‘You wanna come, let’s go — either you come or you get the fuck out.’ [The driver] started taking off her clothes, wanting to fight me, and the female passenger was just sitting back watching. So Saad pulled me back into the store because he didn’t want me messing with those girls. They were on a good bender, that’s for sure.”

The altercation reported by skateboarder Steve occurred within an hour of Jane’s run-in.

Bravo Mexican Bistro

5001 Newport Avenue, Ocean Beach

“She backed up into my boss’s car, then got out and scratched his car — we have her on camera,” wrote Lulu, an employee at Bravo’s Mexican restaurant on the corner of Newport and Bacon. “They backed into his car at 12:24 p.m., then took off down Bacon towards Narragansett. [My boss] had asked them to leave before but they started dancing seductively and he felt uncomfortable (60-year-old man) and came back inside…. I felt bad for him. He had just got a new paint job in his truck. He just got it back from the shop like a day ago.”

Sequence showing vandalism to truck

On Monday, September 25, I met with Carlos, the owner of Bravo’s, who explained his interaction with the girls.

“These two ladies were in the parking lot and I tell one of the ladies [the driver], ‘Hey, you’ve got to leave,’ and she goes, ‘Oh well, ah we’ll leave’ but then she came out of her car and started like that.” Carlos demonstrates using his truck as a stripper pole. “She does that and I say, ‘Okay, you can stay,’” he laughs. “I know that kind of people. Usually I don’t want trouble with people like that — drunk or something….

“So, I go inside and maybe 15 minutes later I see her back up and hit my truck. After she hit it, she moves her car up a little, then she stops [still in lot], looks at her car, goes back into her car, grabs something sharp and goes like this [he makes a scraping sound]. She scraped the back of my truck.”

The keyed truck

Numerous police reports were filed along with the video from the Bravo’s parking lot.

“I don’t think she knew it was mine, the truck. She just was mad it was in her way,” added Carlos with a laugh and shake of his head as he looks at the damage, which included a big dent. “And, I just got my truck painted on Friday, too.”

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Cassander Sept. 26, 2017 @ 12:16 p.m.

Meth is a hell of a drug. Too bad no police were around to corral the crazy.


Originalsexcaries Oct. 3, 2017 @ 12:18 p.m.

Sounds like one tormented soul. This is the result of people thinking we're nothing but mere animals evolved from monkeys and this whole planet was a result of an accident "bang" spinning and soring through "space". The world was created perfectly! The earth is flat! We have a creator, you are more than monkeys, you have a soul, God wants you to seek him. Repent, Get born again and Jesus will take your inequities. Remember, if today was "your day", where would your soul spend for all eternity?


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