Penny Dreadful.  In characters' brokenness lies beauty.
  • Penny Dreadful. In characters' brokenness lies beauty.
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Penny Dreadful stole my heart with solid acting and flawless writing. It invites you to a universe where literary Gothic horror icons meet eye-to-eye. There’s not one character in the series that you don’t fall in love with, especially the most accurate portrayal of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein creature. What makes viewers so invested in these characters is they’re all heavily flawed, but in their brokenness lies beauty.

Spain’s [REC] is the purest form of horror cinema. True horror makes you feel claustrophobic and hopeless. The film takes place in a quarantined building where its residents get infected one by one, turning them into ravenous zombies. Shot in a POV style, [REC] redefines why audiences should have something to fear. It reacquaints you with primal fear. There’s a sense of impending doom in each scene. You won’t get that with your Saws, Conjourings, and Paranormal Activities.

Penny Dreadful (USA/United Kingdom) 2014–2016, Showtime

Available on Netflix and Showtime

[REC] (Spain) 2007, Sony Pictures

Available on Amazon Video and Vudu

— Aaron Bogan is a professional model, illustrator, jiu jitsu athlete

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