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Messages sent on blankets

600 dead in TJ so far, Sinaloa cartel blamed

When blankets are inscribed with messages and flung over bridges in Tijuana, they usually boast a narco-warning directed at rival cartels or authorities. Such narcomantas, as they’re called in spanish, are appearing increasingly throughout Tijuana. ...

Fish and Wildlife squeeze bikers from Carlsbad's Lake Calavera

Locals told "they don’t need to experience it"

Retired firefighter Rick Minnick has been riding and hiking the trails in the open space near Carlsbad’s Lake Calavera for about 25 years now. In the early days, Minnick and his buddies were able to ...

Beauty pageant run by El Cajon councilmember under attack

Miss Middle East says it's a sham — but Ben Kalasho has contract and checks issued

The $2,000 oversized check Zhala Tawfiq received upon being crowned Miss Middle East was not a real check. The accompanying cosmetic procedures, sponsorships, wardrobe, and television auditions, that accompanied the check, were just as fake, ...

Escondido says no cell towers in your front yard — unless you live on a street like Citracado

Ben Hueso carries water for wireless guys

Like other cities, Escondido is planning for the mass deployment of fifth generation technology. As both officials and carriers see it, it's time to make the permit process for the "small cells" that can accommodate ...

Del Mar Fair opening — here for the piggies

Deviled eggs with roasted salmon, smoked Brie, hummus cucumber dip, Portobello tortas.

The iconic bronze statue of Don Diego, dressed up in cowboy garb, overlooked the main gate of the San Diego County Fair, as hundreds lined up for opening night on June 2. And like the ...